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Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks

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Healthy, Delicious Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks
Our upcoming box will include a unique holiday theme perfect to gift yourself or loved ones! 100% real fruit. -no sugar added -no preservatives -no dyes -no citric acid Our snacks are a healthy, convenient, and delicious way to consume fruit. Photos represent possible items
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Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
The Fruit Boxx is the BEST
by Raigen written last year
Where else can you get such an easy go to snack or treat that's made with 100% natural fruit? Even the granola mixes are so delicious. Each box has a little surprise with it, and it makes it so fun to open it and see what's inside. Their product tastes great, looks great, is priced great, and makes you feel great! Can't wait for my next box!
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I Loved My First Fruit Boxx!!!
by Michelle written last year
I loved my first Fruit Boxx! I was so excited to see how good everything looked when I opened the box, and everything tasted better than it looked. I received multiples of some items and just one bag of other items. For me, there was a good amount of variety. Some of the fruits were sprinkled with what seemed to be pumpkin pie spice, and I LOVED those. What an awesome way to add some fun flavor without adding sugar. I really wish that freeze-dried fruit wasn't so expensive in general, but I don't think the prices charged by the Fruit Boxx are out of line compared to the prices I've seen charged by other companies, and the Fruit Boxx definitely has the best quality freeze-dried fruit I've ever had. I really hope upcoming boxes live up to my first one!!!
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by Christine written last year
Loved all the products in The Fruit Boxx! Arrived just in time for vacation, healthy snacks at the hotel were a must! Perfect even for my great nephew at 9 months old, melted in his mouth, no worries of him choking! Everything was delicious!
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