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Monthly Fandom-themed subscription for Geeky Decals and art

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4.5 of 5 stars
by Mary written 5 months ago
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by Rachel written 8 months ago
I was impressed with the quality of these decals and can't wait to put them to use! The artwork is great and the price is unbeatable! Looking forward to next month!
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Love it!
by Jan written 11 months ago
Pleasantly surprised by my first package.
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Not impressed
by Shoa written 11 months ago
Theme: Beauty and the beast #of Stickers: 7 Quality: Above average I guess I'm a little disappointed at this month's theme. I don't really consider retro Disney to be geeky.. I was really hoping the theme would be Sci fi or Comics, or fantasy. Also 6 stickers for $10 seems a bit steep. On the positive side the quality of stickers is definitely in the better end. Overall not impressed, will be canceling.😒😒😒
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by Garrett written 11 months ago
The Beauty & the Beast was my 1st month & even though I won't be able to get this every month I will keep my eye out for themes I just CANT live without! Such imagination to create one of a kind decals that you just can't find anywhere else. Bookmarks are a dime a dozen but I connected with this one! Great package! I'll be around Geeky Decal!! 😁 Tricia
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Fun and Useful
by Karen written 11 months ago
I enjoy getting these stickers each month. I'm a teacher and use them in my classroom, (except for the few that I've kept for myself!) Thank you!
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by Its written last year
Phenomenal box! Definitely recommend it if you are into anything fandom related!
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Doctor who
by Liz written last year
The February box was doctor who, I LOVE IT!!!
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