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It’s Christmas every month!
by Kimberly written 6 days ago
The GLY Box is a beautifully curated self-care box that comes with a personal handwritten note every month. Every month has a theme and a thoughtful selection of fun and useful self-care items. I really loved the personal nature of this box. Also Sharon is very responsive to emails. I highly recommend trying this box!
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Love in a Box
by Laura written Sep 10, 2018
I just received my 6th Go Love Yourself Box, and they just keep getting better and better! I own a subscription box company myself so I am very particular about other boxes, and I can honestly say that this is one of the most well-thought out and put together boxes that I have ever seen! Sharon puts her heart and soul into each item she selects, and it shows! I would highly recommend this box to anyone who would love a little something special in their lives. It makes a fabulous gift as well! :)
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Love this box!
by Sue written Sep 08, 2018
I've been subscribed to Go Love Yourself for nine months and I've been truly pleased with each box. Including tools to compliment each self help book, together with the free coaching and the community Sharon is building, is an incredible idea to reinforce the theme. I've spoken to the founder, and it is so obvious how she sincerely cares about everyone she is reaching out to. Thank you so much for caring about me and teaching me how to do the same! Awesome investment!
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by Claire written Sep 07, 2018
Was incredibly disappointed. I ordered the “essentials box” and it just came with a book (hardcover, so I understand a bit of the price going there) and a really poorly made “Go Love Yourself” notebook. Not even a pretty notebook, just like plain printer paper behind a cheap cover. Not at ALL worth the money. The only reason I’m not giving one star is because at least I got a book. Not worth it.
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The Go Love Yourself Box said...
Sep 07, 2018
Hi Claire! I'm glad to hear that you are excited about the book, and sorry to hear that you weren't a fan of the notebook. I agree - $30 is not a great value if you simply receive a book and a notebook. I hope that you will find value in the workshop, the coaching sessions, and the community. Have you been able to take advantage of these incredible resources? This is where our value truly lies - in the ability to turn the spiritual entertainment of reading a self-help book into actionable transformation through courageous reflection with our coaches, intentional action, and connection in the community! Hope to see you there!
Perfect for everyone
by Claire written Sep 07, 2018
It is obvious that Sharon puts her heart and soul into selecting the perfect collection of items to complement the book each month. The online community is such a great resource and helps connect you to incredible coaches who are experts in all areas of self care.
Self-Help & Self-Care Are So Important
by Lauren written Sep 04, 2018
I love the idea behind The Go Love Yourself box. It's been such a nice treat to add to my routine. I already loved self-help books, but receiving them in an organized way with tools, materials, & goodies to implement the teachings of the book, really help me & encourage me to put it into practice! Such a wonderful thing. My mom always wants to watch me open my box and often orders specific items she sees & likes afterwards!
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Truly wonderful box
by Kate written Aug 04, 2018
I have been getting this box for 6 months now and have not had one disappointment. The contents are thoughtfully selected, the books are great and the community on Facebook adds to the monthly theme... love love love.
Nice but sad coffee mug
by Nicole written Aug 02, 2018
My first box came yesterday and had lots of great stuff in it but...really great coffee mug that I would have used came broken in pieces! Hopefully they will wrap any fragile materials better!
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The Go Love Yourself Box said...
Aug 07, 2018
Hi Nicole, So sorry to hear that your coffee mug arrived in pieces - what a disappointment! We've followed up via email and have a new one on it's way to you, quadruple wrapped in bubble wrap this time! Please be in touch if there's anything else we can do to rectify the situation! Enjoy your coffee mug and embracing Big Magic, Sharon
Horrible packaging & expired offers
by Mansi written Aug 02, 2018
Just received my box today and it was completely tattered. The coaching apparently expired June 30th. :(. I was really looking forward to this since it was a gift.
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The Go Love Yourself Box said...
Aug 07, 2018
What a bummer - I know you did not sign up to receive a care package that was tattered. Unfortunately, we don't have any control over what happens to the box once it leaves our hands. What we do have control over, though, is making it right. I've followed up via email to make sure that you experience the gift you deserve. And, a sincere apology for the typo on the coaching postcard! You absolutely have all month to take advantage of your coaching sessions. I'm sorry that your first box didn't go as planned, Mansi. I look forward to getting to know you better in the Facebook group and making sure you have a much better experience next month.
Perfect box
by Frank written Aug 01, 2018
I am a serial one time subber . but I can honestly say that this box will stay on my subscription list. It is everything I could have asked for in a self love box. I am in love with the stones & can't wait to dive into my book . I am able to hand out the stones as gratitude stones ( from the secret *law of attraction) to my family to help us all practice gratitude a day self love 🤗
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