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The Gray Matter Sodality

A monthly, story-driven puzzle subscription.

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Product Overview
  • Our mailing will ship on the 3rd of every month. Please order by the 2nd to get the current shipment.
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Help recover Einstein's stolen brain.
After Albert Einstein died, his brain was dissected and stolen. Join The Gray Matter Sodality to help recover and reassemble those stolen brain fragments. A unique subscription where every month you'll receive a multi-layered puzzle that contributes to the story of GMS and its unusual mission. Go month-to-month or buy multiple at once to SAVE.
  • Members receive a small piece of mail once a month consisting of a puzzle that contributes to the overall story of GMS. The puzzle each month is self-contained and has all the necessary pieces to complete. An occasional email may supplement those mailings.
  • The story of GMS connects from month to month but unlike other puzzle subscriptions, each month's puzzle is self-contained, meaning that we don't string players out over months waiting for the finishing pieces to arrive.
  • Unique puzzles
  • An unusual and thrilling story
  • Challenging but not impossible puzzles


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Great fun!

by Wendy F., Mar 08, 2019

I am enjoying this subscription. Packages have a lot of material in them, and puzzles are well done. If you enjoy detective puzzle boxes this one is a fun one to try.

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Puzzles are good but...

by Stephanie F., Mar 07, 2019

I got my third month and I'm fairly disappointed. I've enjoyed the first two puzzles, but this last one requires a cassette tape player. I'm not sure if you guys noticed, but it's 2019, and I don't have access to a tape deck, and honestly haven't in at least 5 years. Even a CD is hard to play these days, but when I can't even work the puzzle? What a let down :(

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Challenging Puzzle Subscription

by Mike D., Oct 18, 2018

GMS consists of a monthly mailing in which you are tasked with locating fragments of Einstein's brain. The mailings take the form of a single, multi-step puzzle of above average difficulty. Because each month's puzzle is focused on a single theme/item, there could be a mailing which misses the mark for you. However, I have found those misses to be few and far between. In fact, one of the early mailings is hands down the best single puzzle I've encountered from these subscription based puzzle boxes. I would recommend that any who appreciates complex and intricate puzzles give GMS a try.

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Great gift, great for yourself!

by Kt S., Nov 16, 2018

GMS sends out a monthly puzzle that is NEVER as straightforward as I think, and usually takes me a couple of days and more than one "aha!" moment to complete. I love how creative the various parts to these puzzles are, everything from a cassette tape to a coffee mug to mysterious phone numbers with cryptic answering machine messages. It's so much fun to have physical clues to manipulate, and that sets this puzzle subscription apart. I gave GMS as a gift to my daughters (and their husbands/partners), a friend and his wife, and my brother and his 14 year old son. All of them have had a blast working on it together and found it, as I have, interactive, challenging, a great bonding activity, and so much fun! If you're looking for a deviously clever monthly diversion, don't look any further -- GMS is the puzzle box you want! And it’s the perfect gift for that hard to buy for know-it-all-teen, game-loving Millennial, family gamenight aficionado, or sharp Baby Boomer.

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