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Customizable monthly box to keep your bunnies happy and excited for new toys and treats!
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Dissapointing 1st box.

Sep 15, 2020
Heatther T.
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I was rather dissapointed with my first box.
2 toys
1. A wooden block with a hole drilled halfway through. It came with instructions to place treats inside for them to retreive. The hole is way to big for any treats, they just fall out. No time or effort needed from the bun. This toy came with 3 slices of banana.
2. A grass ball. I get these in a 3 pack from Wal-Mart for $3.88.
3 treats
1. Some sort of hay cube. No ingredients so i have no idea what its made of and therefor will not give this to my buns.
2. Partially dehydrated fruit. A ziploc bag with approx 5 banana slices and 5 apple slices. These were so gooey and sticky i could not get them out of the bag. They stuck to the bag and to each other.
3. Oatmeal treats? Another homemade treat. Ingredients listed are banana, oats, carrots. It appeared that these had been baked. They were also a bit gooey. Im fearful of giving these to my buns as well since i dont know wjat other ingrediemts may have been added to make these "cookie" like treats.
Heres what my buns loved.
1. The hay! There was a handful of timothy hay loose in the box. They loved this as they had previously only had alfalfa hay. (4months)
2. The tiny sombrero. This was not practical as a bunny hat as it did not jave a strap. But they enjoyed chewing on it.

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Great box!

Sep 24, 2020
Dina S.
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Great box! Highly recommend!!

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