The Inky Box

The Inky Box

by The Inky Box
A monthly selection of lettering and calligraphy supplies, all hand-picked by The Inky Hand!

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Unsatisfied soon to be ex customer

Mar 22, 2021
Susan C.
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Subscribed for 6 months

Ordered a three month subscription. Got my first box, never received a second and now they are saying they are preparing my third. No tracking on second package and have ignored my inquiry as to the issue. Bad business but the pens were cool, even though I could have bought them cheaper on Amazon. I like the surprise but if a company can't at least respond or get the product to you then it's a no go. I will be canceling after this review. I WILL BE DEMANDING A REFUND FROM CRATEJOY IF I don't receive both months I paid for without product.

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The Inky Box said...Mar 22, 2021

Hi Susan,
I replied to your inquiry via Cratejoy on the 10th, but maybe it didn’t get to you? I’m so sorry if that’s the case. Tracking shows that both boxes were delivered (you can find the tracking numbers in your shipping emails) but if one of them was not, we can go from there. If you could email me directly just in case emails aren’t being delivered to you through Cratejoy, we’ll get it figured out! Cratejoy won’t let me link my email here but you can find it on the Instagram page or on the actual website. I can also send a screenshot verifying that I did attempt to reply via Cratejoy the day I received your email.

The cost is way too high!!!!

Nov 24, 2018
Ines L.
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Subscribed for 20 days

I looked at the past boxes (unfortunately after I ordered the first box) and the value is only equivalent or a buck or too cheaper than buying them yourself. I would actually say that it is more expensive once you consider that the seller adds in her own art pieces, such as magnets and lettering practice sheets as part of the cost. If anything these should be bonuses, not ways to make the box look like it costs more than it does. My suggestion is choose another subscription box.

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The Inky Box said...Nov 26, 2018

I'm sorry you did not feel that the box was worth it. I do take care to make sure every has a value of at least what you paid for it, but if the practice sheets and cards aren't your thing, you might be better off just buying supplies.


Oct 12, 2018
Norquis S.
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Subscribed for 3 months

Seriously, a pad, a brush, a tiny watercolor paint, and a pan...worthless sorry not sorry

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The Inky Box said...Oct 14, 2018

Sorry to hear you were disappointed! The boxes are always worth more than you pay for them, but maybe you wanted the full size instead of the Mini. There's lots more in that one.

Inky box mini instead of inky box

Jul 27, 2018
Sheryl H.
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Subscribed for 3 months

I ordered an Inky box, but when I received it I got an inky envelope. I am trying one more time and I have contacted the dealers to see why I did not get an inky box. I will post again when all is resolved.

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The Inky Box said...Jul 27, 2018

Hi Sheryl,

I checked and haven't received any other contact about this issue. It looks like you did subscribe to the Mini, which is the envelope. I'm sending you an email now to see what I can do for you!

kind of disapointed

Nov 05, 2017
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Subscribed for 2 months

So, not all that thrilled. I got several colors of the same's not what I was expecting, however, I am going to give it one more shot, if I'm still not happy I will cancel my subscription.

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The Inky Box said...Nov 05, 2017

Hi Sam! I'm so sorry you were disappointed in your box. I'd love it if you'd send me an email at letting me know how I can improve the experience!