A culturally curated variety box centered & derived from African + Black Culture.

Plans as low as $45.00 / month

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Beautiful bead set.

Oct 05, 2020
Cyn -.
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The jewelry is beautiful. I know it’s beads and you can get them for cheap somewhere else, but I love them. I loved how I got the background on how and why they’re made. I also like how each color means something. I cannot wait to see what’s in the next box. Thank you for the coupon.

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Box was a huge bust

Oct 04, 2020
Tiffiany A.
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For $50 I was sent 2 beaded necklaces, a beaded bracelet, an anklet, and a waist beads... Really!!!! Not happy at all!!!

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The Motherland Plug said...Oct 05, 2020

I am hurt to hear you are disappointed by our October box. For $45 (and free shipping) you received 5 handmade jewelry pieces from Kenya. Each one was made using a lot of time and skill. The artist are paid fair trade living wage and children in an African orphanage are fed each month from our sales. Living in a mass produced world it is easy to devalued the craftsmanship in handmade. The October box was meant to showcase the history and beauty of Maasai Beads.

Here is a breakdown of the retail value of the items you received.
Round Necklace - $30
Necklace with carved pendant- $15
Anklet - $10
Bracelet- $5
Waist beads- $12
Retail Total $72

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