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Great Idea
by Yoko written Aug 18, 2018
I love the idea of this music box. It would've been better to have a track list (which they notes in this box that they will start doing in September). I liked most of the songs on the CD but some were completely random based on the genre of the rest of the CD.
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Great Selections
by Shannon written Jul 24, 2018
My first box (July '18) ended up being 2 compilation CDs: the usual monthly and another "TMB Exclusive Side A". I would have probably been disappointed if that second one hadn't been, as my kids say, "lit." I wanted to keep that first song on repeat but, surprise, it was followed by another gem and I found I had listened all of the way through enjoying each selection. Even the songs outside of my usual interest areas (not the biggest country fan) were great. Found some new artists to follow and have an album I sit in the driveway and wait until the song (or a couple) are done. The monthly regular had some great songs as well, although it had some odd-balls, too. However, the "not my faves" also hit some "I'd like to hear this same song by _____" and "this song is so awkward I have to share share it with others" moments, so all in all it worked out well. My son and I now have an inside joke related to the slow-jam song "Taste for Love" from that compilation. I feel like I got my money's worth and I wish they still had the crate option available so that I could have gotten the Side B. Fun music is what I was looking for and I got it so I'm happy.
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Not sure...
by Christopher written May 24, 2018
I felt a little underwhelmed with my first box. I was expecting a little more. I got a mix CD (Various Artists CD of the month), a CD single (3 tracks) and a CD/EP with 5 tracks and a couple of stickers. No listing is included on the Various Artists CD, although you do supply a track list in the email, I personally would prefer a list with the CD.
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by Ross written May 21, 2018
Little underwhelmed with my first box. Was expecting a little more. No listings on the Various Artists CD either, so you don't know who sings which song.
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The Music Box said...
May 21, 2018
Hey Ross! The track list and artist information is listed in your monthly Featured Artist e-mail. This is usually sent out around the 10th of every month. I hope we can impress you with our next box!
by Kylie written Mar 25, 2018
I've been subscribed to The Envelope option for 3 months and have not been disappointed. I've discovered new artists and new favorite songs. It's worth the $6.
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by Christi written Mar 13, 2018
I ordered this box for my fiancé, we are always looking for new music. We love it! The artists are amazing and it is so worth $10! They could charge twice that! Truly a great box for any music lover :)
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by Natasha written Feb 05, 2018
10 dollar box. Received 2 CD's, one mix and the other one artists album. The mix CD was GREAT, I loved it. I haven't listened to the other. My husband took it and haven't seen it sense.
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Must have for music lovers
by Kat written Nov 13, 2017
This subscription box AMAZING ! I love finding new artist and this was definitely an experience . I loved all the music I got and I can't wait for next month's box !
Great bands! A++
by Susan written Aug 07, 2017
There was a great selection of music on my cd! I was very happy with all the bands and can't wait for more. Its also super cool that this box helps bands with every purchase. Would recommend and purchase again.
Set your expectations low
by BrittanyGravatt written Jun 13, 2017
I bought the music box to find new rock music but I received two CDs with music that would not be considered rock. The only reason I'm being picky about it is because I expected higher quality and I was very excited to find new and enjoyable rock. I received two CDs with 5 songs on each. A card with two singles on it. Two "Stay Calm and Love Music" stickers, another small sticker and three pieces of fruity mini tootsie rolls. I am unsatisfied.
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