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4.3 of 5 stars
by Natasha written 13 days ago
10 dollar box. Received 2 CD's, one mix and the other one artists album. The mix CD was GREAT, I loved it. I haven't listened to the other. My husband took it and haven't seen it sense.
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Must have for music lovers
by Kat written 3 months ago
This subscription box AMAZING ! I love finding new artist and this was definitely an experience . I loved all the music I got and I can't wait for next month's box !
Great bands! A++
by Susan written 6 months ago
There was a great selection of music on my cd! I was very happy with all the bands and can't wait for more. Its also super cool that this box helps bands with every purchase. Would recommend and purchase again.
Set your expectations low
by BrittanyGravatt written 8 months ago
I bought the music box to find new rock music but I received two CDs with music that would not be considered rock. The only reason I'm being picky about it is because I expected higher quality and I was very excited to find new and enjoyable rock. I received two CDs with 5 songs on each. A card with two singles on it. Two "Stay Calm and Love Music" stickers, another small sticker and three pieces of fruity mini tootsie rolls. I am unsatisfied.
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Great gift at a great price
by LaurenSilberman written 9 months ago
My husband has enjoyed the first 6 months of the Music Box. We get the envelope option. Perfect for long car rides. He has a very eclectic taste in music, so he'd like to see more variety, as most of the music has leaned towards indie pop. Still very enjoyable and affordable.
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Great music, could use more patches!
by Sean written 10 months ago
Received: - A few Pixie Sticks - Some fun music-themed stickers/decals - Two physical albums (one double-album, one four-song EP) and two promotions for digital downloads Took a listen to both of the albums at this point, and am VERY happy with the quality of the music! The digital music promotions seem a little tossed-in, as do the Pixie Sticks, but overall I am quite satisfied with the box. If I could offer any recommendations, I would say to exchange the cheap candy for either more stickers, buttons, or patches. Candy is cute and tasty, but it just seems a bit cheap to me. Again, though, VERY happy with the overall quality of this box. Keep up the great work! :)
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Great Music!
by Kyle written 11 months ago
I am very pleased with my first CD. More tracks than I expected and I haven't skipped any of the songs while listening. Great package and value, this seems to be the one subscription from cratejoy that I will actually keep. Keep up the good work!
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by Mack written 11 months ago
Expecting the box to be bigger, got what they said 3 CD's a card, key chain and a couple other thing... like the music I was expecting more
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Not the best.
by esther written last year
Got 3 cds. 2 downloads and 2 stickers and a candy. Gotta say I was expecting a bigger box. The artist are new and unheard of. I like some of the music not bad if u like indie rock music. Would have liked to see a little more, needed somwthing to make the box worth the price. Got 5 more boxes after this, hope they are better.
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February review
by Brittany written last year
I am going to give this box 5 stars. It gives you what it's promises and the box hit its value. Out of the two CDs I only liked one but that is the joy of this box. The adventure of finding a new band to love. I only managed to hear one of the downloads and it was a good song.
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