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Not sure...

by Christopher B., May 24, 2018

I felt a little underwhelmed with my first box. I was expecting a little more. I got a mix CD (Various Artists CD of the month), a CD single (3 tracks) and a CD/EP with 5 tracks and a couple of stickers.
No listing is included on the Various Artists CD, although you do supply a track list in the email, I personally would prefer a list with the CD.

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by Ross J., May 21, 2018

Little underwhelmed with my first box. Was expecting a little more. No listings on the Various Artists CD either, so you don't know who sings which song.

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The Music Box said...
May 21, 2018
Hey Ross! The track list and artist information is listed in your monthly Featured Artist e-mail. This is usually sent out around the 10th of every month. I hope we can impress you with our next box!

Set your expectations low

by Brittany G., Jun 13, 2017

I bought the music box to find new rock music but I received two CDs with music that would not be considered rock. The only reason I'm being picky about it is because I expected higher quality and I was very excited to find new and enjoyable rock.
I received two CDs with 5 songs on each. A card with two singles on it. Two "Stay Calm and Love Music" stickers, another small sticker and three pieces of fruity mini tootsie rolls.
I am unsatisfied.

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Not the best.

by Esther S., Feb 13, 2017

Got 3 cds. 2 downloads and 2 stickers and a candy. Gotta say I was expecting a bigger box. The artist are new and unheard of. I like some of the music not bad if u like indie rock music. Would have liked to see a little more, needed somwthing to make the box worth the price. Got 5 more boxes after this, hope they are better.

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