Murder Mystery in a Box

by Murder Mystery in a Box
Solve a murder mystery using the items inside a mysterious package delivered to your door.
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kind of fun but over priced

Apr 10, 2018
Richard R.
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these things are pretty fun, but they are over priced for what you get. the presentation is cool and immersive but the stories are short with lots of typos and the puzzles tend to be very poorly integrated. the creators don't take kindly to constructive criticism if its negative.

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It's alright.

Apr 05, 2021
Tamara M.
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My "Tomb of the Pharoahs" box was just a collection of papers to read + one phone number to call. No ciphers, just one "call this number for a message" type clue that had me visit a certain URL. Kept me busy for exactly so long as to read everything. Once I read all the materials, there was nothing else to do, I had eliminated all the suspects but one. Some of the things mentioned in the newspaper did seem interesting, though, and I like the idea of a continuous story.
The box was pretty short and very ... direct... as these things go. Their other mysteries might be more in-depth. I immediately canceled after this box because I didn't think the value was great.
Shipping was pretty fast, though, and the box showed up in good condition.

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