The Nocturnal Reader's Box

A subscription box for fans of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Psychological Thrillers.

$35.00+ $32.50+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
So awesome
by Tiffany written 2 days ago
I have had this since May I think- I can't even begin to describe how awesome these boxes are! These boxes are really made my people who care about their subscribers! And as for the price the books alone are the cost of the box- so the deal is HUGE! I love it!
by Sarah written 5 days ago
Super happy, good value for the money.
by Rachel written 6 days ago
This box was so amazing!! I was having a really hard day and it came at the perfect moment and everything in it was so awesome!
by Kristen written 7 days ago
I received my first box a few days ago (November box) and it is absolutely amazing! I loved everything in it. The books are awesome. I had initially skipped the next renewal due to financial reasons before receiving this box, but after opening it I went back and unskipped because of how much I loved it. 😂 12/10 would order again
The best box in the world
by Jessica written 8 days ago
I love this box. I have been with them since the first box over a year ago. Every box is worth the money. The quality of the items are top notch. There are books I get that I never thought I would like but I give it a chance and turns out I like the book. I'm not saying there aren't some misses in the items. There are occasionally items I'm not super thrilled about. But overall the good clearly outweighs any dislikes. I buy other boxes but this is the only one I have every month for over a year. Basically, if you like horror, dark fiction, sci if, mystery and maybe even true crime. This is the box for you. All the others are pale imitations.
November box, my first box
by Kassandra written 9 days ago
I've been waiting anxiously for my first box to arrive and it greeteed me after a long day at work. The box itself is very handsome, simple but with character. Inside, i received two books, an adorable carrie bucket of pig blood pin, a cool banner, a sickening art mini poster, a beanie (im not big on game of thrones but hey its cold in chicago so its a win), a throw pillow cover with a a cool quote, and a bookmark. Overall a very nice box! I will be adding the books to my nov reading list, they look super interesting! The remaining paraphernalia is all cool and to my interest, minus maybe the beanie but it can be gifted, or used as a spare in this cold weather. A solid first box.
AWESOME products
by Sherrie written 9 days ago
Love the hat! The books look so good, can't wait to read them
by Alicia written 27 days ago
Simply the best subscription box out there. No wonder they are sold out month after month. If you are fan of thriller/horror then this box is for you! Everything is curated with the thrillist in mind. SUPERB!
by Renee written last month
I've only received two boxes so far but have been extremely impressed by both! Great book selection and lots of awesome treats! Also excellent customer service.
So amazing!
by Abby written last month
I ordered a 3-month sub for my hubs (so... covertly for myself) and we love it so much! There is a good mix of products, and the books are great! We got a signed copy of "What The Hell Did I Just Read" this month—hubs had pre-ordered it online so we will definitely be returning that version. We have been really cutting back our budget but this is one thing we just can't drop. Our gift sub ended and we are re-subscribing. And as a fellow sub maker I give you extra props on your wonderful curation!