The Nocturnal Reader's Box
A subscription box for fans of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Psychological Thrillers.

$35.00+ / month

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4.4 of 5 stars
I wanted to love this box...
by Jessica written 6 days ago
I am a huge horror fan and was, at first, very excited to subscribe to Nocturnal. I loved the tshirts, decent books, and the monthly art pictures. The pins, stickers, cups, and nick nacks were hit or miss for me. I still enjoyed the box. The problem was with the shipping. I would get links to track previous boxes instead of the current or no tracking info at all. I recieved emails giving reasons for delays. Weather, their post office having issues, or them being sick with the flu or having to be hospitalized due to mental illness. I understand that things happen, but this is a business. A business that charges you every month without delay but sends their boxes out late most every month. And in Junes case, not at all so far. I would have stayed subscribed if that were the only issue, but it wasnt. I went on social media regularly, such as facebook, instagram, and cratejoy to see updates on my boxes. I saw many conversations between the owners, mostly Vincent, where they wrote rude, antagonistic, negative responses to anyone who had an issue. And these issues are fair. Asking questions about tracking, recieving their emails, updates, clarification etc. I saw so much of this kind of response to their customers that I decided to unsubscribe and not support them anymore. It made me scared that if i had a problem, i would be met with hostility. It was very unprofessional and its out there for anyone to see. I value my money and i dont want to throw it down an unreliable rabbit hole. This box is too expensive for me to gamble my money on faith that i would recieve my box. If they fixed these things then absolutely i would resub! Until then....buyer beware.
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by Keisha written 7 days ago
As a customer I am extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service this company has. Many of us have been waiting well over a month to receive our boxes. Many more have been charged twice with still no boxes. We have been given excuse after excuse and while I am sympathetic as a veteran and a sufferer of ptsd I am dissatisfied by the failure of a backup plan when it comes to running this business. My subscription is canceled and I’d urge the rest of you to do the same. The way the owner speaks to anyone who has a negative opinion regarding the company is ridiculous. Definitely not a company I will ever support again.
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Unprofessional and Very Unorganized
by Shelby written 7 days ago
I have only been with the NRB for about 3 months and have recently canceled. Every month there is always something wrong so they cant send the boxes we pay a lot of money for out on time. I understand that life happens but when people are simply asking questions and they are rude, unprofessional and arrogant when answering back that is when I draw the line. They do not deserve anyone's money when they are going to treat customers and their business that way. (Go look at the Facebook page and read the reviews and comments)
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Great box! Numerous shipping issues!
by Mandy written Jun 28, 2018
I have to agree wholeheartedly with Rachel's review of 6/19/18. Since subscribing to this box a year ago, I have never been disappointed in the contents, but shipping has always been a huge issue. And it seems to get later and later each month, making me feel I've lost a month. They do always explain why the issue when asked, so it's nice they have a quick response. The flu epidemic lately I get for a small company, but perhaps having a backup plan is a good idea. There are some personal issues going on with them now too, and I completely sympathize. However, this is not a new occurrence. I do absolutely love the boxes each month (pins are my favorite aside from books), but am debating cancelling and asking for refund for what I haven't gotten as well as an extra month due to continue pushback on shipping from month to month. A note for anyone interested, they do provide some amazing books, and their book stuff turns me on to other books as well. Of late, they have included more short stories and less regular novels, which isn't really my bag. You do get 2 books in each box, so bonus. I'd like to see them make sure only 1 of the 2 books is a collection of short stories for all boxes. I'm really torn on the rating for this because there are even pros and cons, but if shipping gets resolved, I will up my rating.
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Never received it
by Liz written Jun 21, 2018
No idea what this box is like. All I've received is a second charge saying I'm renewed. No idea who to contact either. Not impressed.
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Shipping is hit or miss
by Rachel written Jun 19, 2018
I've subscribed to NBR since last year, but I've probably only received one box on the promised timetable. Customer service always has a ready excuse (the weather impacted their post office, a book arrived late, the post office lost their tracking numbers --no joke, their post office is apparently the worst --and this month their staff was all out with the flu) and they aren't always responsive unless you get cratejoy to email them for you. ALL THAT ASIDE I do really like this subscription. The t-shirts are fun and the books are usually awesome titles I wouldn't have thought to buy. So I guess, buyer beware... realize you'll get a great package but don't count on getting it quickly.
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by Katie written Jun 19, 2018
Another day, yet no box or tracking number. “Ships week 1” currently the 19th, not yet even packed...
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Where's the box??
by Katie written Jun 18, 2018
Per their shipping policy the boxes will ship the first week of the month, well its the 18th and guess who's box is still in the "Being Prepared" stage? This was for a gift that SHOULD have been here for the persons birthday, now I get to explain to them why they have nothing. Thanks Nocturnal Reader's Box! Forced to give 1 star, would have given 0.
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by Stephanie written Jun 14, 2018
I don't recommend this box. I still have not even received the tracking number for my first one. Some shipping policy...I want my money back.
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Shipping issues
by Stephanie written Jun 12, 2018
There seem to be a lot of shipping issues with this box. I still have not received the first one. So I signed up the beggining of May apparently too late to get the may box. Its June and I still have not received a tracking number. Then I see that I'm due to renew in August? Lol nope. It shouldn't renew until September seeing as im getting my first box in June. This is too much already and I haven't even started.
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