The Nocturnal Reader's Box
A subscription box for fans of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Psychological Thrillers.

$35.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.6 of 5 stars
by Caidyn written 10 days ago
I've held off on writing this for a while because I like having a real opinion before doing that. They are fantastic! The items are always curated perfectly, they're so friendly to talk with, and they really care about their customers. All in all, a great subscription.
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by Erin written 29 days ago
Customer service needs a lot of work. The box is full of really cool things which I loved. But if you ever need anything or you need to cancel for any reason you’re faced with someone who talks down to you and acts like you should pay no matter what. Also what I’ve noticed is at times they will put out signed copies of books but not ever customer gets one or sometimes items will be missing from boxes. I love the concept but they have a ways to go before I’ll be coming back.
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by Kylie written last month
By far my favorite book box subscription to date. I look forward to this every month and have never been disappointed. Not only do you get awesome books and items, the owners are very considerate of their subscribers and respond very quickly to any issue and are always looking for new suggestions for items that we would like in the boxes. Highly recommend for any horror fan.
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Fantastic for horror readers
by Ivana written last month
The Nocturnal Reader’s Box is my favorite subscription. I really appreciate the inclusion of class horror novels like The Fury along with more contemporary horror. I have yet to be disappointed by any of the books or merchandise in this box.
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by Elizabeth written last month
This is the first box I’ve ever subscribed to and I absolutely loved it! The books look fascinating and I loved all of the other little pieces. My partner and I both love all things sci-fi and horror so this is so perfectly perfect for both of us!
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by Jessica written last month
Love the books, love the merchandise, any time I’ve had a question I have received a prompt reply. I hope this company is around forever because I look forward to it every month.
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Great box!
by Pearce written last month
Each box is a macabre delight for horror fans. The books vary widely in sub-genre, so you're not just getting the same sort of thing each month. This box has turned me on to numerous authors I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. The non-book items also show a lot of variety. Some of my favorites include a blood-red bath bomb, a Silence of the Lambs stemless wine glass, a Jaws bottle opener, and an Exorcist coffee mug (the power of coffee compels you)! Really fun stuff for the horror fan.
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I'm amazed.
by Jennifer written last month
Everything in this march box is pure quality. It appealed directly to my taste, it improved my mood greatly when I received it after a long day of work, and I took my time in exploring everything in the box with all the curiosity of the world while sharing pictures of it with my partner and friends. Even they got excited. I am a happy camper. I will buy another box again. Thanks, NRB. -Jen
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by Paige written last month
It really isn't worth the $35 to get 2 books I could have gotten from Amazon, a lapel pin (or "flair" as the kids call it. who even wears those?), and an obnoxious t-shirt that I will never wear because I'm no longer 18. I was so looking forward to this box too.
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The Perfect Box for Horror Fans!!
by Leigh written 2 months ago
I got my first box on the 16th after signing up the first week of January, so I knew I had a wait, as well as the shipping via freight. I am a huge horror fan, and I could tell that the owners of NRB are true horror/mystery/sci-fi book fans and that's a huge plus. I've been with other subs that say they include "horror" but it turns out to be some "romance with paranormal undertones", which for some is great, but not my style. This was such a great find! When I got my box finally, I actually sat myself down to take my time and to enjoy the unwrapping process. The first thing I noted was the care of each item placed within the box, to make sure nothing happened during transit. On top was the card with a write up of all the items and where they are from, with the reveal of the next month's theme. The first item I pulled out was the shirt and it's theme was for one of my fave horror movies of all time, which made me so happy. After trying it on, it wears true to size, which is the best way to go when including apparel in sub boxes. Next item was another "wearable item" - a custom bandana with a badass print on it (I won't divulge too much if there are those who haven't gotten theirs yet). The next was a really awesome enamel pin. I'm a huge collector of these types of pins (thanks to Bam Box <3 ) so this definitely adds to my collection! Then came the two books: one softcover and the other a hardcover. The hardcover is a brand new book by a famous Japanese author and the softcover is an older book, but still sounded amazing. I have since finished the softcover book (loved it). Then I pulled out a bookmark with a creepy scene on it and it was a nice stock paper bookmark with a gloss finish. Nothing flimsy. Next came an amazing, super creepy art print. The last item was a lager bar glass which was really nice and had one of my fave horror books represented on it. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth and it was so worth the wait!! One thing I'd like to say as well is that they have amazing customer service. I had to reach out to them following their newsletter about a shipping option update (which will help those in the States receive their boxes faster) and had a really lovely back and forth with one of the owners. It's so personable and you can tell that they really want to create a box that they would love to get every month and it shows. The quality is amazing and if i had to put a value guesstimate on it, I would say this box (February) would be worth about $100, give or take about $10. (just my guess). Also, one other reason why I really like them: they are a Veteran owned company and as a wife of a Veteran myself and working with my husband in a Veteran owned business as well, I love being able to support the endeavors of those who served in our Military. So I am really excited to receive March's box and see what the rest of the year has to bring. If you love horror, this is so the box for you!!!
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