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The Premier Subscription Box for Adventure | February Box Theme: The Multi-tasker ($51+ value)

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Trying again
by Stacy written today
Ok, so I tried to email you at the address that you gave me in my answer but it came back unable to deliver. At this point I've sent so many messages I,m not sure what and when I have told you... I'm confused because I received the same box in Jan that I received in December and the box was for the same person. I ordered in late December and was very confused that I received the same thing, I needed to know what to do with that package or if y'all sent the same package all the time and the second order still shows that it wasn't been delivered. Please help me out!
nice items
by Lauren written today
Nice items for my boy scout. Not a huge savings, but as a gift this is a wonderful box!
by Stacy written today
I received my first box that I bought as a Christmas gift. That box was really nice so December 26 I order a second box for the same person, I have contacted CS twice to see when the next box is coming and I have not heard anything, when I check my subscription list it says Hooray your box is on it way!
The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Thanks so much for the kind words Stacy! We show the first box was delivered on 12/21 and the second one was delivered on 1/5!!! The tracking link is on the email that says “Hooray your box is on the way!” If you click on the tracking link, it will show you the delivered status! I’m not sure if you emailed us directly, or used the contact form- if it was on the contact form there was a couple hours here and there over the last two weeks our development team was fixing an issue. If you don’t hear back within 24-48 hours you can always email us directly!
by Jake written 8 days ago
Got my first box and was very happy with what was inside, would recomend this to anyone that likes the outdoors
by Lauren written 12 days ago
I was disappointed. I ordered the December box in time to receive the "upgrade" with the additional item, however I don't think that it was included. Also, I wrote a heartfelt message to my boyfriend to be included in the box as part of the gift and it was not in there.
The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
11 days ago
Hi Lauren- on the missing item, we’re sorry about that, December was crazy. Email and we’ll apply a discount in the form of refund for the hassle :) On the gift message, they come printed on the label! You might have missed it!
Great customer service!
by Jessie written 12 days ago
I cannot speak to the Nomadik box quite yet, but I had several questions for customer service and they were very accommodating. Timely responses and helpful information. Good customer service is hard to come by these days and is much appreciated!
The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
11 days ago
Jessie- thanks! We’re stepping up our customer service game :). In 2018 it’s a huge emphasis for us as we had a big growth spurt in q4 2017. If you have any questions/comments/ideas don’t hesitate to reach out!
by Karen written 13 days ago
Bought my son the December box on a suggestion from my dtr in law. It was a HUGE success! He lives in Anchorage, AK serving in the USAF and is truly an outdoorsman! The LED water bottle/lite was “dope”. I’ll order another box for him just for the enormous gratification of giving a gift that is useful, meaningful and relevant! Thanks for making me look like a “rad” mom!
by Kaiulani written 15 days ago
I just LOVE ordering the box for my boyfriend and seeing the look on his face when he opens it, to see all the neat and handy tools that come inside the monthly boxes! Thank you Nomadik for an awesome gift❤️❤️❤️❤️
Resubscribed but unhappy
by Kim written 18 days ago
I ordered before December 14th and received the Weekend Trek Box (before Christmas, so kudos for that) but cancelled before receiving my box because I didn't think that I would be able to afford the next month. After receiving my box, which I was happy about, I resubscribed and hoped to receive the January box. Well I had a box arrive today (Jan 5th) and the only problem is that it is the exact same "Weekend Trek" box that I received last month. I don't understand why I received a December box in January when I resubscribed after the 14th.
The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
18 days ago
Hi Fellow Nomad- thanks so much for reaching out! After looking at your account, you have 2 subscriptions, both with the same email. One purchase was made on the 13th of December and the second purchase was made on 27th of December. If you want to return a box and/or discuss this more please contact us directly and we’ll get you taken care of :)
Impressed with customer experience
by Blake written 18 days ago
I’ve received some rad gear for my camping and hiking trips like a dry bag (the “defend against the elements” box was epic!), inflatable solar light, the best skin repair product I’ve ever used (BLDG active), top notch purification drops- most of these products I didn’t know about before. I didn’t think I “needed” anything else, but after getting things like the solar light I don’t have to worry about buying and packing enough batteries or charging my power pack (which is a pain in the butt). The BLDG skin repair is one product that replaces aloe, Neosporin, peroxide, and after-itch so now I need less stuff and my pack is lighter. I can tell these guys do some real testing and put thought behind the gear and which brands/products go together in the themes. The thing I’m most stoked about is last month my box said it was delivered on the tracking but I didn’t get it, I reached out to them and they sent me a new box for free, this whole process took less than a week. It’s cool to see how these software companies take feedback data and use it to improve their product and service over time!
The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
11 days ago
Thanks Blake! Your feedback is great! All the reviews (whether positive or negative) get pushed to our product team for future iterations on our product/service J We really try to focus on functional products that serve a purpose and that you won’t find at your local outdoor retailer.
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