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3.7 of 5 stars
Usually worth the price
by Gina written Sep 16, 2018
I've been subscribing to Nomadik for a few months now. While most of the products are really useful (or things I wouldn't have purchased myself but ended up enjoying), August's box was utterly useless. The only thing in it that I found remotely useful was the almond butter. Everything else made me feel like I just wasted my money since I already had better versions. When I reached out to customer service, they did respond and fufil the iron clad guarantee, but only for one item rather than the two I told them I was disappointed with. Hoping September's kitchen box will make up for this one.
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Sep 17, 2018
Hi Gina- thanks so much for the feedback, and glad you took advantage of the IronClad Guarantee! I’ll make sure to pass this along to our product team. August we tried a new style of theme, it was different, and we won’t be doing that again
Simple the worst customer service
by Erin written Sep 14, 2018
Don’t bother subscribing. If you ever have an issue, need a refund, alternate box they don’t respond to emails for weeks. Their only response is “we’re sorry you had this issue....” I have been requesting a refund for a box that shipped 3 weeks ago and never arrived. No luck. Do yourself a favor and skip it. 0 stars.
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Wish customer service responded
by Lauren written Sep 12, 2018
Usually good boxes, August box was a fail, not worth half of what I paid. 100% satisfaction policy doesn’t seem to be working, no one responds to my emails.
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by Michael written Sep 10, 2018
First box was dope 🤙
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Sep 10, 2018
Thanks for the feedback fellow nomad! We have some epic themes coming for Q4, get ready to plan some adventures J
100% satisfaction?
by Jonathan written Sep 01, 2018
I was excited b/c of the 100% satisfaction claim but after requesting a replacement item and selecting it they never shipped it and the box for this month definitely did not feel like it was worth the money. I am going back to my previous subscription.
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SUPER PUMPED on getting new gear
by Patrick written Aug 17, 2018
I got my "Packed Up" theme and really loved the Gobi Gear compression sack, it's a 3 segment so I can fit bigger items in the compartments and this alone retails for $40 and the box costs about $30.
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Worst service ever
by Emily written Aug 02, 2018
If there was 0 stars, i would give it. I contacted them numerous times with no response of any kind. Not so much as a welcome email. I bought it on July 5th. No tracking. No box. Nothing. Its August now and I still have received no communication of any kind. Highly recommend NOT getting this!!!
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Aug 17, 2018
We truly apologize! This is 100% unacceptable and we aren’t happy either- we had a brand ship us product late, so we shipped out a box late for the first time in 24 months, we got a lot of tickets that week. Email and we’ll refund you the entire cost of the box so it’s free!
My boyfriend was not impressed
by Luna written Aug 02, 2018
This is promoted very well so I bought it as a gift to my boyfriend. He likes camping so I thought maybe these things would be different a little and give more...When we opened this box we was both disappointed ...I guess this would be great for plp whos just starting they can get a bulk of cool little small things but this is not enough for people who camp alot because you mainly already have these tools. Just saying buy this for beginners it would be a great gift.
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Aug 17, 2018
Hi Luna- thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass along to the product team! We can’t believe you didn’t like the Gobi Gear Compression Sack, it’s a never-before-seen item, and the July/Aug subscribers were the first in the market to get their hands on these. With that being said, take advantage of our Ironclad Guarantee, we’ll swap any item free of charge
Blew my socks off!
by Caitlin written Jun 04, 2018
My BF and I were going on a camping trip and I wanted some new gear for the new season, I purchased past the cut-off date (and about 5 days before our trip)- Fiona got a box shipped out right away and it arrived in 2 days! I LOVED the box, the theme was Earth Friendly. The triple-insulated water bottle with the fruit filter was awesome because I've never seen that before! The Mizu Camp Cup is perfect for coffee/tea, we also used it for mixed drinks at night, Mizu is a pretty high-end brand, so I was surprised they were in there. Then the UCO Eco-friendly fire-starter is a set of mega matches that stand up on their own and burn for 5 min- the easiest thing I've ever used to start a fire :)
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Jun 04, 2018
Thanks so much! We’ve been working hard at improving our Customer Experience team and adding members, I’ll make sure I pass this feedback to them! We’re truly stoked to hear that you loved the last box/product, I’ll make sure that gets to the product team as well. Now #benomadik and plan your next trip!
This was my first one, & it was only Ok.
by Marc written Mar 08, 2018
The content was ok nothing really unique. I can only put so much stuff on a keyring having 2 or 3 of the items made to go on a keyring is not awesome...
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