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3.7 of 5 stars
This was my first one, & it was only Ok.
by Marc written Mar 08, 2018
The content was ok nothing really unique. I can only put so much stuff on a keyring having 2 or 3 of the items made to go on a keyring is not awesome...
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Things you didn't know you needed
by Hannah written Mar 05, 2018
Bought this as a "Move-In" new house present for my outdoorsy husband and I. Turns out everything was practical and useful. I've tried a few other subscription boxes and this is the one first I liked.
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Outside of the box
by Mark written Mar 04, 2018
I think my subscription is pretty neat, but I haven't really gotten anything that I truly need. I guess that's the downside of having most everything that I already want. Although, I am appreciative.
Excellent service
by Cody written Mar 01, 2018
I would like to personally thank Fiona with quick and amazing customer service. She went over and beyond to give me options and even helped deliver the first box early for my father's Birthday. Thank you for going out of your way to make my first experience with Nomadik such a positive experience.
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by Jax written Feb 20, 2018
I was more than a little disappointed when my husband opened his box (supposed to be a gift) and the extra item wasn't actually an extra. There were only 3 items in the box. While they knife is really nice and my husband loves it, I wish it wasn't advertised as an extra item.
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by James written Feb 08, 2018
The box was substandard and only held worthless gear that would put you in more danger if you took it on a hike
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the total package
by Grant written Jan 30, 2018
My last box was my favorite. It came with some super useful items. i have already used my knife everyday since i got it. This box is going to be a great addition for my bike-packing kit.
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Not sure if it was worth it...
by Jessie written Jan 29, 2018
I was a little disappointed to open my box and not find the upgrade (extra item). I ordered well before the 14th so I should have received one. It would've been nice considering this was a gift.
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Trying again
by Stacy written Jan 24, 2018
Ok, so I tried to email you at the address that you gave me in my answer but it came back unable to deliver. At this point I've sent so many messages I,m not sure what and when I have told you... I'm confused because I received the same box in Jan that I received in December and the box was for the same person. I ordered in late December and was very confused that I received the same thing, I needed to know what to do with that package or if y'all sent the same package all the time and the second order still shows that it wasn't been delivered. Please help me out!
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Jan 25, 2018
Hi Stacy- thanks for reaching out, we’re here to help! Sounds like you might have made an error with the email address, is our generic help email (we get customer service tickets to this email daily), I just double-checked and tested it, it works!” Each month is a new box theme, but since you ordered both of your boxes in December, you got two December boxes. I also see a customer service ticket from a couple days ago, if you didn’t get it check your spam/junk. Also, worst case, just email directly!
nice items
by Lauren written Jan 24, 2018
Nice items for my boy scout. Not a huge savings, but as a gift this is a wonderful box!
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