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The Premier Subscription Box for Adventure | February Box Theme: The Multi-tasker ($51+ value)

$32.95+ / month

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3.9 of 5 stars
Customers come first!
by Jeramy written 6 months ago
The boxes are pretty good, but their customer service is great!
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Great Customer Service
by ALYSSA written 6 months ago
Patrick H. was SUPER helpful and quick to respond to my emails when I had an address change. He also accommodated moving up the shipping date of the box ordered for a friend's birthday! Thanks, Patrick!
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Nomadik - June 2017 Box Review
by Jon written 7 months ago
I am extremely pleased with my first box from Nomadik. I joined when I saw the "June Spoiler" boosted post on Facebook. I am an avid camper, backpacker, and overlander who's lust for gear almost outweighs the actual adventure. After having a poor experience with the products and customer service in the Cairn subscription boxes, I cancelled and made the switch to Nomadik. The June spoiler products were exciting and fit my needs. Then, the July spoiler was released and I knew I had made a terrific decision! June 2017 Box Contents: (1) Famous Surf Supply 18oz Water Bottle I had already been looking for a new water bottle to carry daily. This one arrived and was absolutely perfect. It fits the cup holders in my vehicle, holds the perfect amount of water, and keeps drinks cold (or hot) for 24 hours. It came with it's own carry bag and two different lids - one for backpack attachment and one for drinking (like a typical sports bottle). It's rugged construction leads me to believe it will handle being dropped many times. This water bottle should last me years! 3V Gear Sidekick Utility Pouch Most of my gear that I bring camping and backpacking is MOLLE compatible. This pouch was the perfect addition to my arsenal of MOLLE pouches. I use them religiously to stay organized, as well as permanently leave a bug-out bag in my vehicle for when I get out in the backcountry. This size pouch will lend itself perfectly to a first aid kit, as the pouch has individual pockets and straps inside to keep contents in place and organized. Exotac FREEkey System This thing is great! It allows for easy adding of keys through it's unique design. I opened this and immediately began using it. A solid upgrade for something that I use daily. Big Sur Bar This was the one product that came as a surprise in the box to me - it was not mentioned in the "spoiler". I remember in the Cairn boxes, we would get samples of food items. One or two pieces of something small. Well, this was not the case in Nomadik. This bar was enormous. Roughly 2" thick and 6" x 3" or so. Easily enough for a meal or a big snack for two people. It was made with quality ingredients and so tasty! Overall I am extremely pleased with Nomadik. I look forward to continuing this subscription!
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by Chere written 10 months ago
Really great quality products. Some I can even use daily and several J am taking to my suitcase... just because they will be so useful. Much thought has gone into each box , love the solor light and special coupons as a bonus!!
Super Impressed
by Megan written 11 months ago
My last box was packed with useful gear that I can use camping and hiking. I also love the refer-a-friend program and how each box has a creative theme. Inside are fun outdoor challenges that I love doing with my friends on the weekend! You can win free exclusive/limited-edition boxes or other prizes :)
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Great Customer Service & rad products
by Patrick written 11 months ago
I'm not going to lie at first I was a little hesitant, but The Nomadik continues to curate awesome boxes with really rad/unique, and multi-functional products. The box is made from recycled material and they use recycled/re-purposed crinkle paper as well (p.s. this is great fire starter/ kindling as well) . In addition, each box has cool little themes and outdoor challenges where you can win additional stuff. I love be part of the Nomadik community, I use the refer-a-friend program too in order to get $10 OFF each box!!
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Loved the Feb. Box!
by Patrick written 11 months ago
The Feb. box was super rad and included some unique items that I've already used camping!! I definitely would not of ever thought to buy these, but they were super useful. They beanie was was from Parks Project (I love this brand), a portion of each sale goes to preserving the national parks- plus this beanie is the most comfortable beanie I've ever worn. My second favorite item was the Mizu stainless steel collapsible shot glass, who doesn't love ripping whiskey/tequila shots with friends by the campfire? Not only does it collapse and have a lid so it doesn't get dirty it's stainless steel so you'll never break it!! $30 for $44 is a WIN
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Another box, Another Disappointment...
by Stephane written last year
February Box arrived earlier today and yet again, the value was $44. I pay $30 for the box and $15 for shipping. This month the AMAZING items were; a flimsy portable shot glass, some food samples of energy bars, a super small S-carabiner and finally a hat. Why would you need a shot glass outdoors you ask? Protip: You don't!. Subscribe to another box before you subscribe to this rip off. Don't let the images they post fool you.
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Absolutely love my box
by Andrew written last year
My last shipment really surprised me in terms of what I paid compared to the value I received. I am super stoked and amped to get out camping this weekend. All these items are cool/unique, useful, and I would of never thought to buy these on my own. The package arrived early, their box and crinkle is reused/recycled which I thought was a plus. P.S. everyone- the crinkle paper is great tinder for starting your fires!!!
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Insane Products & service
by Mike written last year
The January Box was epic, all super useful/unique items that I will use 100%. I love their packaging and the box arrived on time. This month had a slightly different theme "Rest & Relax" but I think it's awesome they mix it up with different themes. I also had a question and sent in an email, I received a reponse with 2 hours and they were super nice. Definitely can wait to try my box, and refer my friends for $10 OFF!!
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