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3.7 of 5 stars
by Shoni written Dec 22, 2017
Now that this company has screwed me on shipping something in time, I'm scrolling through all their reviews and seeing the positive ones are all written by the same three names - Mike, Chere, and Jim. This is so effed up. Cratejoy should be paying closer attention to companies that scam customers.
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Dec 23, 2017
Thanks for the feedback, after looking at your tracking info your box is “out for delivery” as of today the 23rd. I’m sorry you feel we screwed you on shipping, your shipping was free and it’s going to be delivered 2 days before Christmas, if you have specific questions/concerns please email and we’d love an opportunity to make this right. Keep in mind response time is 1-2 business days. We have reviews from a variety of customers, and customers leave multiple reviews for multiple boxes because in the past we’ve offered points for reviews.
Disappointed in lack of customer care
by Shoni written Dec 22, 2017
I specifically chose this company based on their guarantee to deliver a box before Christmas. They confirmed with me individually, when I sent a message, saying the box would ship the SAME DAY I purchased, 12/19, and arrive in 1-3 days. Then I received a form email a day later saying the same thing. Today is 12/22 and I got an tracking notice saying the box will arrive on 12/26. When I searched the tracking history, it showed that the box wasn't even dropped off at the post office until 12/21. Total lack of care. I have emailed them 3 times today, trying to get them to correct this by overnighting a new box, but they can't be bothered to respond. I will be canceling this subscription for sure and refusing this item when it arrives. Very disappointed, do not order from this company.
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The Nomadik Subscription Box said...
Dec 23, 2017
Sorry you feel this way, as I’m sure you’re aware there’s a high-volume of shipments being processed this time of year (for us and USPS). However, we are sticking to our promise of guaranteed delivery by Christmas and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. I’d also like to inform you that during the holidays USPS sometimes puts a longer “expected delivery” on the tracking in an effort to under-state and over-deliver. After looking at your tracking just now it says it’s out for delivery (as of today the 23rd), Happy Holidays :)
high value compared to the cost
by Megan written Dec 19, 2017
I'm impressed with the level of value in the boxes and it's all unique gear I wouldn't of thought of and I wouldn't have found at my local REI- perfect gift for people that are hard to shop for or that "have everything" when it comes to gear. I needed an expedited box because it was a last second gift for my son, Nomadik expedited the shipment and it arrived in 2 days for my son's birthday. He was super stoked!!
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Suspicious reviews; No customer service!
by Beth written Dec 14, 2017
TLDR: Truly HORRIBLE customer service. Many of the 5-star reviews they've received seem suspect.  DETAILS: I like the products and curation of Nomadik box, but I have to give them just 1 star based on my 3+ months of trying to get customer service (CS) to resolve an issue:  When I had 4 months left on my subscription, Nomadik had a sale. I extended my subscription, prepaying for several months. However, instead of them extending my sub, they gave me a second account, and so for the 4 months remaining on my original purchase I got duplicate boxes!  I contacted CS immediately upon receipt of the first duplicate box. Patrick from Customer Service promptly said they would correct the problem.  Second month...duplicate boxes again. Wrote to CS, No answer for two weeks. Then Patrick responded saying: "Sorry for the delay, we recently switched platforms to manage our customer services tickets, it’s come to our attention that there was a transition period where some tickets went MIA. This completely slipped through the cracks, and it’s 100% unacceptable...If  you want to cancel the subscription(s) that’s totally understandable. If you decide to stay and allow us to make this right, this is what we’ll do:   1)      Can the shorter one which we were supposed to do 2)      We’ll issue you a partial refund for the one you keep active 3)      And we’ll mail you out another box free of charge." Note that Patrick acknowledged Nomadik did not correct the problem as they had promised in his previous correspondence! Nevertheless, the rest of his response sounded great, right? I responded, accepting his 3-part plan. Third month...yup...Another duplicate box! More emails to CS (general contact email) and to Patrick specifically. All went unanswered. At that point I gave up and just waited for my set of duplicates to arrive on the fourth month, which, of course, they did.  I cannot comprehend how a company thinks it can exist when providing such abysmal CS.  If you read all the reviews, (which I highly encourage,) they seem to fluctuate between people like me who have had horrible experiences with CS and over the top reviews that sound like outright advertisements. I don't think I've ever read reviews elsewhere that talk about topics like "win great prizes," and "refer a friend," etc., etc. It's clear that a small group of people are writing multiple 5-star reviews. For example, four of the 5-star reviews come from people who are named Patrick! Coincidence? You decide.
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Go Nomadik!
by Chere written Nov 25, 2017
I am super pleased with the Nomadik boxes. I have been a subscriber for quite a while and the quality of the products are fantastic! The customer service is top notch and responds quickly to emails and requests. I will definitely continue with the 12 month subscriptio(n for the best value. The 1% to to planet was also importan(t to me and well as products that were environmentally conscious. The consistent delivery as promised is impressive! ( Many products are useful at home as well!)
Fantastic Produts and Customer Service!!
by Chere written Nov 23, 2017
Thumbs up to the Nomadik group!! I am super happy with the quick response to questions and delivery,everything just as promised. Product research is impressive and every item I found to be quite useful on many outdoor trips and even to the beach and international travel. The products are very high quality and have now sent them as gifts.Definitely the best subscription boxes I have tried and will continue on the 6 month program for the best value! Love the 1% to the planet as well...
The Perfect Gift & best box I've tried!!
by Patrick written Nov 17, 2017
The value and presentation of their box, especially the new packaging is awesome. The gear and The Nomadik Challenge card are both tied to a fun theme which I find very cool- when I researched other boxes most didn't have this. I've also tried other outdoor boxes and the value isn't as good, Nomadik's gear is not only high-end, but it's unique/novel gear you won't find at the store.
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Exceptional customer support & box theme
by Caitlin written Nov 05, 2017
I'm so stoked on my Nomadik box! The unique themes, the Nomadik Challenge card, and the retail value compared to the cost continues to amaze me each month. I wanted my first box expedited because I was going to Yosemite to camp and hike, they responded within a couple hours and delivered my box within a couple days of ordering :)
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No response from customer service
by MadelineWatt written Oct 04, 2017
I've having similar issues as Ashley... I signed up for a subscription and had to cancel it the same day because of financial issues. I cancelled it before the dead line too and they charged me so I asked about and told them my situation and I got a response saying that sometimes people do that to only have it last for six months or whatever... which is fine but that isn't what I wanted. Ive sent multiple emails after that with no response. Which is very frustrating... and they have no number to call that I could find
Birthday present
by Jessica written Oct 02, 2017
I am so thrilled with the service I have received thus far with my Nomadik box subscription for my husband's Birthday. I learned about the subscription service after the boxes were out for delivery. I wrote to Patrick asking if he could move up my delivery and without a problem, my delivery was expedited! I can't wait for Friday when my husband opens his first box. Nomad's customer service is very efficient and I look forward to our future shipments.
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