The Nomadik Subscription Box
Premier Subscription Box for Adventure | Up to $70 value and 7 items per box

Plans as low as $29.99 / month

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Received as a gift

by Lisa B., 5 days ago

I received a Nomadik box as a Christmas gift and I love it. The socks are my new favorite boot socks .

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by Noemy S., Mar 01, 2019

SERIOUSLY STOP IT NOMADIK!!!! I cancelled my subscription the same time I wrote my last review, January 29th! Well before the renewal of February 5th! AND YET YOU STILL CHARGED ME!!! and deliver another PATHETIC, USELESS BOX!!!

And let me guess, my issue will not be resolved, right??? and, I will not receive a refund??? Because your company lacks coordination, integrity, ethics, appropriate marketing, basic business standards!

I will send out a complaint to BBB and I suggest others do so too:

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by April T., Feb 15, 2019

I shop online regularly and have ordered several subscription boxes from varying companies.

I believe Nomadik is a scam.

All sales are final, and customer service is nearly non-existent. There is no phone # to talk to a live person, and they never directly answered my questions or resolved my concerns through the emailing process. I had to dispute charges with my bank in the end.

Please support another company, and don’t risk doing business with Nomadik.

This is absolutely the worst.

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Holiday box

by Nathan D., Feb 07, 2019

Thought about this for a while. Signed up for 6 months, first being the holiday box. You can read the reviews and see what was in it. I packed it up and threw it away. Hopefully the next 5 months are better than the holiday hype box.

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Terrible products and company

by Cody A., Feb 02, 2019

I would not recommend this to anyone. Very poor customer service and the products you receive are not even remotly worth the cost of the box. I have had this for several months and dont not recommended spending your money on this box. Most recently recieved a useless multitool and a survival credit card that will also never be used.

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by Jenevieve K., Feb 02, 2019

I was super excited about getting my first Nomadik box...imagine my surprise with a cheap rescue blanket, a tool that has 2 bits I cannot even figure out how to store in my tool, and the little card multi-tool...I'll give it one more month and then cancel if it is disappointing. Sucks because I was ready to promote Nomadik at a whole bunch of wilderness medicine conferences.

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Not worth the money not what is pictured

by April, Feb 02, 2019

I am disappointed in this box as I bought it for my brother as a Christmas gift. My first box was the December box, was suppose to get a box worth $70.
December - a cheap beanie, socks, and a small hand warmer.
January - a foil blanket, a pocket screwdriver card, and a metal card.
Site states: Up to 7 premium (full-size) items per box, items include: hammocks, multi-tools, dry bags, solar lights, pockets knives & more!

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by Benson G., Feb 01, 2019

The December box was my first. It wasn't anywhere near the advertised special $70 value. My best guess was $35. I figured I wasn't out anything since that's what I paid. So I'd give it another month. The January box was a total joke as others have mentioned. $20 value is pushing it. All junk drawer items. Canceled immediately. Really wish I'd ever tried Nomadik, or that Nomadik had lived up to their marketing.

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What happened to you guys?

by Joscelyne G., Jan 31, 2019

I've been with you guys for five months now first two boxes was loading with gear and cooking gear usually 5plus items. Third box only had three but they were three really good items, dry pack and cell phone dry pack. The last two boxes have been just a joke. December wasn't anywhere near 70bucks. That hand warmer doesn't stay warm for long, beanie was light weight and socks wore out pretty quickly. None of those items I would dare take to the mountains. I decided to look ahead and see what the hint was for January and saw that the theme was "minimalist" Instantly knew i wasn't gonna get much in this box either, pocket card, emergency blanket and a multi tool with only two bits to it. Nomadik I hope you guys go back to your old ways or at least start advertising what you've really been giving us. Also I haven't been getting my tracking email until a day after my box has been delivered.

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Terrible Subscription!

by Rhonda P., Jan 31, 2019

I thought I would give it one more try after last months box but this month was a real joke. Some kind of 'multi tool' that was a screwdriver with a handle, an emergency blanket that you can get at Walmart for a buck and a wallet card that I can't really explain. It is definitely not worth the money. It's not worth a $9.99/mo subscription!

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