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2.7 of 5 stars
Giant Disappointment part 2
by Leanne written last month
I still have not received the refund for two months of subscription after notifying them that I never even got the first month's box, which was supposed to be a surprise present for my sister. And, I've reached out to both CrateJoy and Planner Addict without any response. I'm definitely not eager to embrace the subscription model if this is the quality of service.
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by Tya written last month
Great stuff for the planner in me!
Giant Disappointment
by Leanne written last month
The Planner Addict Box has not been delivered even when I started the subscription on 02/04/2018 - they were prompt with taking my next month's money, but have not bothered delivering the first (on 02/28) box. I contacted them immediately, but it took over a day for response. They said I would get the tracking number, but I didn't and I let them know that - why am I even surprised that they haven't had the decency to respond? REFUND ME ALL MY MONEY AND I'LL GET MY SISTER ANOTHER PRESENT INSTEAD.
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Eclectic and very cute!
by Janet written last month
Love the whole concept and would have given it 5 stars had it arrived before the month started!
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by Billie written last month
For the last two months I've received 2 of the same washi tapes instead of one small and one large like they advertise on their Instagram page and like I've been receiving. They told me last month to contact them and they would clear it up. After emailing them back and forth they finally asked for my name and mailing address which I sent but I haven't heard anything back since. I've sent numerous emails with no response from them. This month the same thing happened again, I received 2 of the same washi tapes. It is not worth the trouble anymore. I've spent too much time on this and now I feel as if I'm not a valued customer and that I do not matter, so why continue spending my money with them? Also the only thing I liked was the pen and washi and tbh the patterns on the items ive received since signing up really aren't that cute. So Im done.
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by COURTNEA written last month
I still have not received my 1st box, a month after i ordered it. Ive tried emailing them but a week later, no response!!! So angry!! WILL BE POSTING ALL OVEE SOCIAL MEDIA. DO NOT BUY THIS BOX!!!!
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Never received my box...
by Lisa written last month
I am still waiting for my first box...
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by Lauren written 2 months ago
The items in the box were great but the prices of them items didn't seem like a deal. Some of the sticker sheets seemed like they'd been cut out and stuffed in
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Great box, late delivery
by Brigitte written 3 months ago
I really love this box as I'm a huge fan of planners and always have more than one at a time. All the things I'm sent are great and easy to use and the themes are so cute. The only problem I really have is that the box has been late every month and I don't get to start my month until we're already a week into it. If that could be changed, I'd definitely give this 5 stars.
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Love the box!
by Beth written 3 months ago
Just received my third planner addict box and it was the best one yet! Tons of value for the price and the items are beautiful. Great job, Planner Addict!
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