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Maybe good for beginners

Jul 06, 2020
Rosie R.
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I got my first box last week and I was disappointed. I received a very basic houseplant (snake plant) in my first box. I have a backyard full of snake plant and you can get this plant in any regular grocery store too. I was hoping to get something uncommon. That was the whole point of trying this subscription box. The ceramic pot was okay too nothing very special. I do like the concept and I will give it one more chance before I cancel.

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The Plant Club said...Jul 09, 2020

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Rosie. Our design team will mix it up from month to month so that you receive a variety of plants, from those that are more common and loved by all, to those that are a little harder to find. We'll share your feedback with our design team and we hope to inspire you with your next box.

The Good and the Very Bad

Apr 09, 2020
Tonya K.
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Subscribed for 8 months

Let me start with the positives: The plants are packaged gently and carefully and have arrived at my home in nearly great condition (I had one out of nine plants arrive “puney” and near death). The variety of plants and planters is very nice. If you order the deluxe package your plant arrives with everything you need to have a ready houseplant: soil, a beautiful container, the plant and a care card.

The negative: only 3 out of 9 plants have survived because this company is unable to accommodate special needs such as plants that will survive in cooler indoor temperatures and very little sunlight (I live in Vermont and if you put a plant on the window seal to get as much sunlight as possible it is very cold because the outdoor temps are cold and there is still very little sun because we have winter”ish” temps for 8-9 mos of the year). I get it though- it is a one size fits all shipment. Also, the total cost including shipment is quite expensive ($35). Especially considering how many plants have lasted less than a month.

I was pretty disappointed in the customer service. When I let them know of the issue I was having, at first they told me that they would replace the dead plants. But then when I said, “Great, please tell me what I need to do.” The next email I received said, “Maybe this subscription is not right for you.” What???...

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The Plant Club said...Apr 09, 2020

Hi Tonya, thanks for sharing your experience, which we wish had been more positive. While we are unable to offer individualized subscriptions at this time, we recognize the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We're always happy to send replacements when notified, especially if plants don't arrive happy and healthy, and will be sure to reach out further via email.

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