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4.2 of 5 stars
by Daniel written Jun 14, 2018
All i can say is wow!For 88 $ a month i can honestly say i wasn't expecting to get such a great package thats why i cancelled after my first order to see what i got now that i have received it wow. Im going to reactivate my subscription for a few more months to see what other awesome stuff i can get!
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Not so much a fan
by Jenn written May 22, 2018
I had a couple issues with this box. The first was that two of the gels leaked and made everything sticky. The toys seemed cheap and they just weren’t very fun. I was expecting much more.
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The Pleasure Parlor said...
May 25, 2018
Hi Jenn, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, as well as for your one-time purchase. It is through this type of feedback that we are able to maintain and, when necessary, make positive improvements to our business. I was disappointed to hear of your experience; partly because this is the first we are hearing about the issue. We would have addressed this promptly and efficiently to your satisfaction, had we been contacted when the box was delivered to you two weeks ago. With that said, we would love the opportunity to address your specific concerns. One consistent precaution we take during packing is to include extra packing materials while shipping any liquids. Additionally, liquid products without manufacturer safety seals -or- individually sealed wrapping are avoided for this reason. We understand that accidents or rough handling can happen during transit, so we try to make our packages as indestructible as possible. This is always at the forefront of the product selection process, so this isolated situation is surprising. We did weigh the option of excluding liquids all together at one time, but based on subscriber feedback, we decided to include them when relevant to the monthly theme. In this case, it was National Masturbation Month for May. We couldn't leave out lube, could we? ;-) These two bottles were tightly shrink wrapped by the manufacturer, so it sounds as if the box may have been smashed or damaged in transit via the shipping carrier (USPS). //// \\\\ Regarding the items you received, our product selection process is thorough and intentional. Each item must meet the following criteria: 
Designed and produced by a reputable manufacturer - Body-safe (no harmful chemicals/materials) - Not known to experience frequent defects - Will not damage during shipping - Not being sold on Amazon for less than what they are actually worth to ensure each subscriber feels that they are receiving value (sadly, that is the case with many, many products) - Accessible for beginners and advanced pleasure product users. //// \\\\ Primarily, our subscribers have reported that they prefer a multitude of small to medium size items in each box, instead of one item of higher retail value. Regardless, every month is a different number of items (anywhere from 3-6) to inspire creativity and maintain engagement with our subscribers. //// \\\\ 
One big goal 
of The Pleasure Parlor  
is to create a memorable experience for couples and singles of all comfort levels, while ensuring partners receive items that can be enjoyed together or separate. We know this is a unique aspect of our business that cannot be replicated 
, which comes from 13 years in adult industry marketing, manufacturing, business development, and product education. 
Due to the intimate nature of selecting pleasure products for people, there is no room for us to cut corners and send cheaply made products that don't last. That defeats the purpose of what we are trying to do: encourage more sex, more intimacy, and more joy in day-to-day life. //// \\\\ Subscribing to an intimate subscription box requires us to maintain a high level of trust and transparency with every subscriber. 
In our initial 'welcome' email, we provided our direct contact information with a note on how to proceed with a defective item, shipping/delivery discrepancy, or otherwise, before your box was shipped. We would really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further regarding the action we have taken to resolve this problem. Thank you so much for the opportunity to improve our business. Kindest regards, The Pleasure Parlor
by Kevyn written May 21, 2018
The box is simply amazing and has some interesting and fun stuff in it! I am definitely going to keep the subscription and I will for sure recommend this to everyone I know!! Also I love the customer service from Casey Murphy! All in all this subscription is amazing
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So much fun in a box!
by Brandy written Apr 15, 2018
I have received a few boxes so far and oh boy! I am seriously enjoying them! I did not think I would like them as much as I do. The items are very interesting and fun. Definitely worth it!
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by Morgan written Mar 21, 2018
I absolutely loveeeeeeeee the satisfyer 2 that was sent in my first package ❤️
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Say Yes!
by Anna written Jan 24, 2018
I bought this as a gift for my SO as a way to say I love you, you're sexy, etc, etc... but it's done sooooooooo much more. It's been an incredible experience. Here's why: 1. Customer service and responsiveness is above and beyond. 2. The contents of the box are amazing. 3. We decided to say yes to whatever came in the box and see what happens. (All good things!) 4. No pressure, no questions, no judgement. We aren't choosing the items ourselves or for each other so there is no ego or unspoken statement behind the items. 5. It is something we REALLY look forward to. We spend the month wondering what the box will bring and it adds to the excitement. Honestly, I wish there was a biweekly subscription! 6. Did I mention customer service? It truly is the absolute best. If you are looking for something that is thoughtful, exciting and takes intimacy to another level, this is it. Believe worth every penny.
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Pleasure Parlor - $86 Me - 0
by Brent written Jan 14, 2018
So I signed up for the $35 subscription (which is actually $43) and awaited my first box. Seemed to be taking forever. Was supposed to ship the 4th/5th. It's now the 14th and I have no box. So I checked my account and I've already been charged for another month. I've had no chance to decide if I even like it. I reached out to the seller and the answer I got was that shipping was behind due to storms. Which seems like a reasonable thing except that I'm an avid online shopper and nothing else has been late. Interesting that the shipping has slowed down but pulling money hasn't. I'm sure there will be a storm to hold everything up when I ask for my money back as well. Would leave less than one star but apparently that's not an option.
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The Pleasure Parlor said...
Mar 08, 2018
Brent, Thank you for sharing your feedback. This provides us the opportunity to ensure that our customer service and communication is consistently on point. We would like to address the fact that at the time you wrote this review, you were exchanging emails with us directly. We explained Cratejoy's billing cycle, and details about our unforeseen shipment delay, as you mentioned. At that time, you were also in possession of the package tracking information. The shipment was en route, scheduled to arrive the next day. When we noticed this review, your money was refunded immediately with no questions asked. We took pro-active steps to provide helpful and sincere service, which is why it is unfortunate that our level of communication didn't meet your expectations. To our other subscribers, new and existing, we have always and will continue to provide timely, transparent communication. Further, our direct contact information is provided in our welcome email to you, and we are accessible at all times. Thank you for putting your trust in us.
Fun Night
by Wes written Jan 14, 2018
My wife and I had a great time opening the box from The Pleasure Parlor and discovering the items inside. They were items we probably wouldn't chosen on our own but it was fun trying out the items and we loved all of them! We're looking forward to the next package and seeing what surprises await us.
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Fun and never intimidating
by Amanda written Jan 10, 2018
I subscribe to the No Safeword box, and while the word kink can be scary to a lot of people, this box is far from scary! From my first box, the communication about my box contents and my personal preferences has been top notch. I had a defective item, and was sent a replacement right away, and was sent extra batteries for my toy. These boxes have been super fun too! From glittery unicorn pasties, to a beautiful satin eye mask (double use for sleeping!) to a silly hentai VHS (yes, VHS), the boxes and items I've received have been thoughtful, fun, and accessible. Any and all questions and comments I've had have been heard, and never has a box felt top extreme. Sex care is self care and this is by far my favorite self care ever.
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by Sara written Dec 11, 2017
I got a solo box and when i recived my box they have already renewed my subcription box before i had the chance to see if i liked it. I only recived 2 items one was some lub. And a glass massager in a shape of a candy cane it didnt vibrate or do anything exciting i could have bought those two items myself and wouldnt of cost me as much. Very disapointed im cancelling this box
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The Pleasure Parlor said...
Jan 04, 2018
Hello Sara, Thank you for your feedback. As stated in our direct communication with you, we are truly disappointed that the products that we consciously selected did not meet your expectations. As our company mission states, pleasure products are not one-size-fits all. The 3 body safe, full-sized items in your first and only box (a hand-blown candy cane glass dildo, and a gift set of two holiday lubricants) were consciously chosen to delight every subscriber while celebrating the holiday season. Each item also went above the manufacturer's suggested retail price, which we graciously broke down for your reference. These items exceeded the total value of the subscription box ($45 worth of product, your cost of the box was $35). Additionally, offering direct and open communication to each subscriber, yourself included, provides even more value to our subscribers, which we are happy to provide as a complimentary courtesy. Each subscription box company offers unique items and services, and we stand behind our ability to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for our beloved subscribers. Again, we are happy to accept the unopened items back should you wish to return them. We wish you the best finding your perfect match with a pleasure products company that will exceed your expectations. Thank you again for your constructive feedback, and the opportunity to respond. Sincerely, The Pleasure Parlor
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