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1st box was best.

by Mark S., Jul 14, 2018

The first box was best, i signed up for a 3 month one time payment, then they magically had it as a renewable every 3 months subscription. needless to say i have not received my last box for the 3 moths one time payment but they were happy to charge my card again prior.

over all the 2 boxes i got were okay, the first one was the best one and worth the cost. however the misleading information as to it being only a one time 3 month payment and done, it was a every 3 month renewal....

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The Pleasure Parlor said...
Aug 02, 2018
Hi Mark - Thank you for letting us know that you loved the first box! We consider that golden feedback! :) Looks like USPS confirms that your recent box was received within the specified delivery and billing timeframe. We hope you enjoyed that collection of products just as much. Also, we apologize that you felt misled by Cratejoy's billing and payment cycle. We do not maintain control over their billing and payment procedures. To clarify, during two separate steps of the checkout process, Cratejoy confirms that your renewal will occur again in 3 months, as well as the 3-month renewal price (which does not change from the time you place your order). They also state that your subscription can be canceled anytime. (All of this information is always accessible in your Account Settings as well.) To ensure all policies are communicated, we send a welcome email with these details along with our contact information when you first subscribed. In any case, your feedback shows us that transparent communication is always necessary. We reached out to you via email directly, please feel free to respond with any further thoughts and/or suggestions. Thank you so much for your support! Love, The Pleasure Parlor

Not so much a fan

by Jenn K., May 22, 2018

I had a couple issues with this box. The first was that two of the gels leaked and made everything sticky. The toys seemed cheap and they just weren’t very fun. I was expecting much more.

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The Pleasure Parlor said...
May 25, 2018
Hi Jenn, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, as well as for your one-time purchase. It is through this type of feedback that we are able to maintain and, when necessary, make positive improvements to our business. I was disappointed to hear of your experience; partly because this is the first we are hearing about the issue. We would have addressed this promptly and efficiently to your satisfaction, had we been contacted when the box was delivered to you two weeks ago. With that said, we would love the opportunity to address your specific concerns. One consistent precaution we take during packing is to include extra packing materials while shipping any liquids. Additionally, liquid products without manufacturer safety seals -or- individually sealed wrapping are avoided for this reason. We understand that accidents or rough handling can happen during transit, so we try to make our packages as indestructible as possible. This is always at the forefront of the product selection process, so this isolated situation is surprising. We did weigh the option of excluding liquids all together at one time, but based on subscriber feedback, we decided to include them when relevant to the monthly theme. In this case, it was National Masturbation Month for May. We couldn't leave out lube, could we? ;-) These two bottles were tightly shrink wrapped by the manufacturer, so it sounds as if the box may have been smashed or damaged in transit via the shipping carrier (USPS). //// \\\\ Regarding the items you received, our product selection process is thorough and intentional. Each item must meet the following criteria: 
Designed and produced by a reputable manufacturer - Body-safe (no harmful chemicals/materials) - Not known to experience frequent defects - Will not damage during shipping - Not being sold on Amazon for less than what they are actually worth to ensure each subscriber feels that they are receiving value (sadly, that is the case with many, many products) - Accessible for beginners and advanced pleasure product users. //// \\\\ Primarily, our subscribers have reported that they prefer a multitude of small to medium size items in each box, instead of one item of higher retail value. Regardless, every month is a different number of items (anywhere from 3-6) to inspire creativity and maintain engagement with our subscribers. //// \\\\ 
One big goal 
of The Pleasure Parlor  
is to create a memorable experience for couples and singles of all comfort levels, while ensuring partners receive items that can be enjoyed together or separate. We know this is a unique aspect of our business that cannot be replicated 
, which comes from 13 years in adult industry marketing, manufacturing, business development, and product education. 
Due to the intimate nature of selecting pleasure products for people, there is no room for us to cut corners and send cheaply made products that don't last. That defeats the purpose of what we are trying to do: encourage more sex, more intimacy, and more joy in day-to-day life. //// \\\\ Subscribing to an intimate subscription box requires us to maintain a high level of trust and transparency with every subscriber. 
In our initial 'welcome' email, we provided our direct contact information with a note on how to proceed with a defective item, shipping/delivery discrepancy, or otherwise, before your box was shipped. We would really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further regarding the action we have taken to resolve this problem. Thank you so much for the opportunity to improve our business. Kindest regards, The Pleasure Parlor
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