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Monthly interactive preschool activities to prepare your child for school!
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It was OK - nothing special .

Dec 09, 2018
Sharise G.
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I feel like I wasn’t too impressed with this subscriptions box . My son is age 4 . There was a bunch of random art accessory’s in a zip lock bag (from your average dollar tree /dollar general) and sheets that I could easily print from the internet . A couple of books which could easily be purchased at Ross for $2-$3. Also, I would like to add it specifies not to leave your child alone with any of the materials . My son attends a private school where they value and teach independence . I don’t feel like the materials in this subscription box aid with that . He was bored and uninterested . The material is nothing more then your average daycare would teach or do .

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The Preschool Box said...Dec 11, 2018

Hi Sharise,

Thank you for your feedback. We try our best to differentiate the activities in our boxes to best fit the needs of all our subscribers. Unfortunately we may not be the best fit for everyone. Thank you for trying out our product.

Not worth it

Sep 18, 2020
Lauri M.
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I'd say this is directed to 4 and 5 year olds, not 3 year olds (which is what "preschool" typically means).
Additionally, the whole box can be done in 4 days, not 4 weeks. I was bummed that some of the activities were simply hiding 5 cards with letters on them and having the kid find them... I was expecting more of the craft activities.
Overall, the activities were fun, but it was definitely not worth the money.

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Unfortunately, this didn't engage my son

Jan 02, 2021
Becky L.
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After receiving this subscription box, I realize how my 4 year old son has more of a play based interest. It's hard for me to get him to do worksheets but I'm sure a lot of this mirrors what he would have done in his preschool class, pre-pandemic. The book included each month were merely okay. Perhaps I was not as impressed with the illustrations.

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