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The Best Russian, Soviet, Slavic and Eastern European Snacks and Lifestyle Items Delivered to You!

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Somethings ofd

Jan 17, 2021
Mikayla B.
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Subscribed for 9 days

I’ve tried to contact seller through the email that they had provided but got a message back saying it didnt exist and when I tried to look up the items and origin of them with the website on the little card in the box it shows the photo I uploaded which is even stranger. The box was okay however my Russian family said it wasn’t truly Russian items so at the price it was disappointing.

Verified Purchase
The Russia Box said...Jan 17, 2021

Zdravstvuite (Hello) Mikayla!
We are sorry to hear that The Russia Box was not as you expected. The website listed on the card included in your box is accurate and is currently functioning. As the listing states, The Russia Box includes Russian, Soviet, Slavic and Eastern European snacks and lifestyle items. As we regularly receive emails from our subscribers at the email provided, we are not sure why you encountered difficulties with the system. We have reached out to you at the email provided on your account to resolve any further questions you might have.
Spasibo (Thank you),
Juliana @The Russia Box

Very Disappointing!

Oct 14, 2020
Chekita H.
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Subscribed for 13 days

I really wanted to be excited about this subscription. However, there were included 2 identical items, the item in the picture, that were stale an inedible. If you can’t send fresh product out, I can’t trust any item in your box. This experience saddens me, as I really was excited.

Verified Purchase
The Russia Box said...Oct 15, 2020

Zdrastvuite (Hellow), Chekita!
Thank you for your review. Your box contained 12 different types of snacks, 31+ individual items as well as an authentic Matryoshka keepsake box. I'm sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the Shokolend Glazed Candy. While it is not unexpected that not every person will enjoy every single item in their box (as people's tastes vary), every snack we send out is fresh and within its unexpired shelf life. Shokolend Glazed Candy was made on 5/12/2020, which is only 5 months ago, and has not reached expiration, as stated on the insert accompanying the box. We have reached out to you via email to assist you further with your concern. Spasibo (Thank you), Juliana @The Russia...