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Subscriber Reviews

3.8 of 5 stars
Great idea , but a little bare
by Teigan written 10 months ago
I received my third shipment from this subscription box. This one contained shave room brand shave soap (1oz) , pre shave oil (1oz) , after shave (1oZ) , shaving brush stand in black plastic and some razor blades. Although the scents of the 3 products were pleasing the products were small in size. The 1oz shave soap will be great for safety razor but it is very small and the brush holder is nothing special in terms of appearance. I was quite disappointed with this box subscription. The independent brand products such as soaps from the previous boxes have potential but I feel the company is stingy on what they put in the box . I also received a small pack of skittles and Hershey chocolate that said happy valentines, which I found way less valuable than if the company included a high quality tasty chocolate . This seems very cheap to me , I ended up throwing out the skittles and chocolate . This company has a great concept but you should get much more for money's worth, quite disappointed.
Box was okay
by Teigan written 10 months ago
I signed up for the 3month package and for my first box I was very pleased with the contents! It also included a badger brush and safety razo. Many items with good value. I was excited for my second box which I just received but was a little disappointed. I received another shave brush, unfortunately I only need one so this will be an item that I don't use . The box also contained some razor blades , beard comb, shave soap and another soap. The soap will be useful and smells good but other than that I'm a little disappointed with this box .
A must! You will enjoy.
by thomas written last year
I used to hate shaving. Since getting these high quality products and friendly customer service on how to use them, I now get the closest shave with the best smell and feel all while treating myself! The last box even came with Halloween candy that I got to enjoy! Please try this and you won't regret it! This isn't a box of supplies it's a personalized experience!
Best men's grooming box out there!
by Garett written last year
The Shave Room is giving you way more than you are paying for. Month after month they are put doing themselves with the quality of products they put into their box. $34.99 is well worth it.