The Wallflower Box
A monthly care package for the quietly fierce introvert.

$39.99+ $35.16+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.8 of 5 stars
Such a Great Pick Me Up
by Michael written 2 months ago
The Wallflower Box was given as a gift to my wife. She absolutely loves getting it each month. It is such a treasure.
Great book
by Fiona written 2 months ago
Enjoyed the box, well put together. Great book, appreciated the counselling note. Seemed overpackaged - came sealed in plastic. Would love some of the quotes from the facebook page as postcards.
by Gwen written 2 months ago
Just received my Wallflower Box and I love everything in it. Smells of fall. I love the scarff and although I do not wear them myself I will gift it to my mum who will love it. already excited about my next box !
Pleasantly surprised!
by Andrea written 2 months ago
This box is very well done: everything is exceptionally packaged inside this box, and there is something to eat, to make to drink, to read and things to enjoy! I love it! It would make a fantastic gift to someone too because it's so nice to open and discover what's inside!
I love it!
by Gabrielle written 2 months ago
Guaranteed to replace the smile the world takes from me from having to "extrovert" everyday 😌💖
by Brandy written 2 months ago
This box is amazing!
by AmandaBuller written 2 months ago
This box includes everything an introvert could ask for. I love all the bath and body items that come each month and of course the book! Everything that's included has such an amazing scent and also you normally get a treat in each box! I'm never disappointed
Love it!
by Gabrielle written 2 months ago
When life gets stressful I enjoy the thought that I'm getting a treat every month. The books are insightful and have taught me a lot about myself, the treats are yummy, the trinkets are cute. They help bring back my smile that the world tries to snatch.
Introvert's dream come true
by Jessica written 2 months ago
I love coming home to a wallflower box! I've been a subscriber since the first box and have not been disappointed. Bonus: My cats love the box and paper filling and they think they're getting a gift too.
Love this idea
by Michele written 2 months ago
I have tried many subscriptions and this is one of my favorites. It is the ultimate in self-care.