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Apr 09, 2019
Debbie B.
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Subscribed for 27 days

I cant give a review because I never received my order

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The Willoughby Book Club Ltd said...Apr 10, 2019

Hi Debbie,

I can see that your order was placed on March 12th, meaning you fell into our April 1st mailing day (as all books are dispatched on the 1st of each month).

Given that you live in the US, we advise a wait of 7 working days for delivery – taking us to today.

We are always happy to provide customers with replacement books in the unlikely event that their parcel does not arrive, but we do require some sort of communication from the customer for us to take action. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns at any point in the future.

We hope you enjoy your books as and when they do arrive.

All the best,

Chloe Heath

Administrative Manager

NO book NO reply

Sep 16, 2019
Simone A.
1 Review
Subscribed for 19 days

I never received my first book and i'm already onto the second shipment. I have also sent them a few messages with no reply back. I hope this can be resolved, I'm just VERY impatient/excited to get my book and hoping its just delayed and will be here soon as this did sound like a fantastic subscription. So here's hoping I can take this down when all is sorted out.

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The Willoughby Book Club Ltd said...Sep 16, 2019

Hi Simone,
Just to let you know I have responded to your above query via your personal email address, your subscription has been set up it is due to cut off dates for our subscriptions that your first book is due to be sent out at the beginning of October.
All the best,