The Witches Box

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A high quality, uniquely curated Witch Box that serves as a deeply transformative ritual each month

$65.00+ / month
Product Overview
  • Box ships on the 1st of each month.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
The Witches Box
This box is for Witches that want to dive deep into a new aspect of Witchcraft each month. Spells, rituals, potions, and transformative magick are the focus of each box, through beautifully crafted tools and gorgeous Book of Shadow pages. Each month a ritual to add to your spiritual practice.
  • Uniquely designed magickal + transformative ritual each month
  • 3-7 lushly designed Book of Shadows pages
  • Each box contains at least one spell, potion, and altar item of high quality
  • Discretely packaged and delivered to your door
Subscriber Reviews
2.3 of 5 stars
Very disappointed.
by Rachael written 19 days ago
This is my second box. I was on the fence with the first. It wasn't worth the price but the contents were pretty. I wasn't certain if I wanted to continue and decided not, on the day of the renewal for other reasons, but it had renewed. So I *tried* to contact the company to see if I could get a refund. I got no reply at all either way. But that was my fault and that isn't reflected in my rating at all. I just wanted to verify an earlier review to say that this company has poor customer service. Regardless, the box I just received was laughable. It was a crystal grid and the crystals were TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINY. Like 3 of the 6 were quartz and one of them was bigger than a dime, but all the rest was the size of a head of a pin. LOL. For $75. I've gotten better crystal grids from boxes that were a third of the price. The BoS pages were pretty. The grid was nice. It was just glaringly obvious that this was a money grab. If you have the spare money and just want pretty things, go for it. I gave it a second chance and it was worse than the first.
Verified Purchase
by Kimberly written 29 days ago
This is one of my favorite witch boxes so far. Every item is so beautifully thought out and high quality not just a bunch of fillers. The book of shadows pages are very informative and make an amazing addition to your personal book. Already stalking my mail box for this months box!
Verified Purchase
The Witches Box said...
17 days ago
Kimberly, Thank you so much for your lovely words. We try to hand pick each item or make each item with great care and intention in mind. We’re happy the box is serving you! - The Witches Box
Never buying again
by Meghan written last month
The witches box was disappointing for the price. I've tried to contact them numerous times before buying if it came with tarot/oracle cards in each months box but never got answers. There's another box that's cheaper The moon box and you get tons of items twice as many for less. I stick to spending extra money on my 2 boxes The Moon Box and Reckless Tarot. Worth every penny unlike this very disappointing box.
Verified Purchase
The Witches Box said...
last month
Meghan, We are so sorry that you had such an unsatisfying experience with our box. We wish we would have seen your attempts at communicating with us, as it could have been an opportunity to help mediate some of this frustration you experienced. As it is, there seems to be no record of you having reached out through Cratejoy or the website or our social media accounts. It’s something we are checking into in order to prevent this breakdown in communication from happening again. We are deeply sorry about the disconnect. As for the box, it’s important to note that we are not a discount box as many subscription boxes are. The Witches Box is a curated and designed ritual experience that not only provides it’s subscribers with the items needed to experience a transformation ritual, but also comes with the Book Of Shadow cards that walks you through the ritual, symbology, recipes and whatever other information is needed to support the subscriber through the experience. We don’t aim to fill the box with as many items as possible, we aim to fill the box with beautiful transformative and educational ritual experiences. Through your feedback, we are seeing that perhaps this isn’t being communicated as clearly as we would like and will be working to refine this moving forward. Thank you for honestly. -The Witches Box
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