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The Witches Box

A high quality, uniquely curated Witch Box that serves as a deeply transformative ritual each month

$65.00+ / month
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Product Overview
  • Box ships on the 1st of each month.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
The Witches Box
This box is for Witches that want to dive deep into a new aspect of Witchcraft each month. Spells, rituals, potions, and transformative magick are the focus of each box, through beautifully crafted tools and gorgeous Book of Shadow pages. Each month a ritual to add to your spiritual practice.
  • Uniquely designed magickal + transformative ritual each month
  • 3-7 lushly designed Book of Shadows pages
  • Each box contains at least one spell, potion, and altar item of high quality
  • Discretely packaged and delivered to your door
Subscriber Reviews
3.0 of 5 stars
Very dissappointed
by Tina written Apr 09, 2018
I was hoping for an awesome Box. I am a witch for many years, so its nice to get a Gift in the mail that i don't have to make myself. Now this box did not contain any handcrafted items, Except for the book of shadow pages. 3 jars , one with an herb, salt, and dragons blood, Dragons blood being the most Expensive was only a quarter filled. 2 Chime candles and charcoal and an incense holder. This box is not worth the $65.00 . The book of shadow pages do not increase the value. This box comes in at a $35.00 Tops with putting extra value on the pages. Their are really nice put together boxes, with handmade items and Closer to the value. I do not want a box fulled with stuff, I just want a box that is put together nicely with out overpricing. Value comes with handcrafted Witch wares that the witch puts the heart and soul in, with out taking advantage of the customer. I don't know how you came up with the price of this box, But honestly this is not right.
Verified Purchase
by Laura written Feb 25, 2018
The February '18 box included a solid wood crystal grid, gemstones, and beautiful pages for a Book of Shadows as well as a few other trinkets. The presentation was stunning! It included everything you would need to use all of the items included and the attention to detail with the presentation...really I can't emphasize enough how beautiful this box was to open. Unfortunately the price is a bit steep to maintain the subscription but definitely worth it for a splurge! I think $50 is where I need to cap my hobbies. I would recommend to new and seasoned spiritualists and would consider resubscribing in the fall when all my favorite Sabbaths come around.
Verified Purchase
by Beth written Feb 24, 2018
This box was absolutely amazing! The book of shadow pages were exquisite. I love how all of the crystals were packaged individually with their names and purpose. There were clear instructions on how to activate the crystal grid as well as encouragement to follow my own path. Thank you!!
Verified Purchase
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