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Needs Improvement

by Eric, Jan 05, 2019

I'd like to give it more stars because it's a Canadian company and I promote Canadians getting better at offering good subscription boxes - I guess that's why I'm writing this, so they can hopefully improve.

I ordered the essentials package ($100) in November, 2018. It didn't come until December after a mix up with the mail. When I contacted them about the mix up, there was no reply so I had to go through Sneakertub Canada to ask about my Kit Grid order, since they are the same company. The Sneakertub side, in my current experience, is awesome. Well timed response and helpful and they sorted it out for me.

There was some interesting stuff in the Kit Grid essentials package and definitely worth more overall than what you pay. The only thing is that when I ordered a medium size, I got a shirt that was way too big (almost an extra large in my opinion) and pants that were way too small. They all said medium on them. Only a couple of the shirts fit like a medium should. In other words, they don't really take the time to see if the actual piece of clothing, depending on the brand, fits too big or too small even though it says medium on it and adjust accordingly. I had to give half the stuff away to people in my extended family.

I cancelled as a result after one month. I find the Sneakertub side better value for my money, as they...

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