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Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy!

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Disappointed with Service / Items
by Cassandra written today
I originally purchased a 3 month pre-paid plan as a gift for someone. After purchase but before mailing of the first month's package, I attempted to cancel my order. I received an automated email which stated that, "There are no refunds for multiple month subscription packages. You may cancel a multiple month subscription package at anytime, however the cancellation will only apply after your multiple month subscription has ended." To make the best of the situation, I asked the TheraBox representative who responded to my email if the recipient / mailing address could be updated for the second and third boxes. I was told that was something that could be done; however, only the mailing address was ultimately updated. Because my name did not match that of the original recipient, it was very difficult to get USPS to deliver the second box. This isn't a mailing that I want, and I'm not looking forward to dealing with USPS again. Canceling an order shouldn't be impossible, and yet it is with TheraBox. Cratejoy doesn't let buyers know that cancellation of pre-paid TheraBox subscriptions isn't possible, and I think that this information should be more readily available.
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So many lovely things!
by Valerie written 6 days ago
My first box (May) was filled with a crazy amount of stuff - and I hate to use the word “stuff” because these are high quality, joy inducing products! And I love that they included a meditation challenge and some directions for using the Little Book of Self Love - it feels like they are some of the “therapy” in the box. This isn’t a beauty products box, but I’m glad they included a beautiful, organic eye gel - applying the gel can be an act of meditation in itself and finding a balance between self-care and beauty-care (vanity) is something I think about a lot. Can’t wIt for future boxes!
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by Lauren written May 16, 2018
I have been receiving these boxes for the past couple of months and they are great! All of the items are unique and match the themes of the boxes. Some items have been things that I would’ve never picked but really ended up liking so I like being exposed to new things!
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The roadmap to self care
by Sarah written May 14, 2018
I can’t believe what was delivered to my doorstep! The care that was taken to curate this box is palpable. I have been taking extra time each day for myself every day. I am so happy to have signed on for this!!!
Fun and relaxing
by Rachael written May 13, 2018
I’m always excited to see what each box holds. I’m not one to pamper myself with beauty products but the products in these boxes really encourage you to take a minute (or 20) for yourself. The activities are actually really helpful and based on legit mindfulness strategies. I’ve been signed up for about 4 months and have really enjoyed this box.
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Life changing
by Diana written May 12, 2018
I typically don't have time to shop for me, besides the usual errands and essentials. These boxes give me things that I would not find myself, and probably not give myself, but should. I have found several brands that I love through the box. The subscription is an act of self love that you won't regret. I have had two boxes so far. I use my tote every day from the April box. Sometimes there were things I think I won't use or need at first, but I always end up doing so.
Loved this box!
by Rianne written May 12, 2018
Totally worth the cost! I loved the items and found them all to be unique and great in my personal care routine!
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LOVE this box
by Teresa written May 11, 2018
I have received 2 boxes so far and I have loved everything they have included in them. This is 1 subscription that I will be keeping!
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by Colleen written May 11, 2018
I LOVE MY THERABOX Subscription! I look forward to it every month. It is my guily pleasure it seriously helps me take care of myself. Super thankful to have found it!
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Love Therabox!
by Tami written May 11, 2018
I did a lot of research for almost two months to find the perfect box for me. Therabox is it! It has all of the stuff I love. Beauty, skincare, bath and body, teas, home goods, essential oils, candles, stationary, etc. On top of all of that, there is always an activity to help you increase your happiness. I couldn't have designed a better box! Looking forward to me next one!
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