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Favorite subscription!
by Melissa written May 31, 2018
Just got my May box and I’m again wow’d by the company and their assortment of products! I’ve canceled my other subscriptions because this one just blows all the others away. Perfect mixture of relaxation, aromatherapy, and skincare items. I’d say this is more of a lifestyle box with a unique touch of happiness boosting activities! I love the affirmation tattoos, essential oil and natural skincare products this month. And the happiness activity was absolutely adorable! Highly recommend
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by Kelley written May 30, 2018
I got my first box today and was really disappointed. I was missing an item and one item hardly had any product in its jar.
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
May 30, 2018
Hi Kelley! We're sorry to hear that you were missing an item and one of the item sounds like it arrived leaked so you were missing some products. We are always here to fix any issues and wished you emailed us so that we could fix this for you. We are always very quick to send out replacements as long as we are aware of the issue. Please feel free to email us at with pictures of the jar and we will surely get this taken care of for you. Have a blessed day!
First box
by Jacklyn written May 27, 2018
I got my first box last month and I enjoyed everything except the tea. I found the tea flavorless and uninspiring. Tea is a passion of mine so it was a little disappointing. The eye gel is relaxing and cooling which is exceptionally nice in the hot summer heat that is already invading my home. The meditation spray has a light aroma. The self love notebook has been a much needed challenge. Overall I like the box and am interested to see what comes next.
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Great gift!
by Tina written May 26, 2018
I received the May TheraBox as a gift from my sister today, and I am in LOVE! So much so that I just signed up for my own subscription. Every item is useful and you can tell the curators have put much thought and care into the box. I'm super excited that I found this service because now gift giving is so much easier for me and I will turn to TheraBox anytime I need to send a thoughtful gift. Who doesn't need self care in their lives right?! Keep up the good work TheraBox!!
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Best subscription ever!
by Alisson written May 26, 2018
Thank you TheraBox for another great box. I received my May box and as usual it is a wonderful assortment of luxurious items. I've been a subscriber for some time now, and each month TheraBox never ceases to surprise me! Just when I think "it can't get any better than this", it always gets better. You can tell TheraBox really takes the time to include both self care items and practical things you can use to build your self care routine. I love discovering new natural brands each month that I otherwise would have never come across, and there are always a few items that I never even knew existed (but totally needed!) in these boxes. When I had an issue in the past where one of the oils leaked during shipment, I emailed TheraBox showing them pictures of the leakage and they sent me a replacement super quickly. I am in love with their box, but even more so their superb customer service! Thank you TheraBox, I'm a loyal customer for life!
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Not worth the cost.
by Hannah written May 26, 2018
I don't understand the hype. One of the items they sent me was a 2 ounce little jar of moisturizer that looks like hair gel. There is nowhere near 2 ounces in this jar. I wouldn't even say there's a full ounce in it but it didn't spill. It came like that.
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
May 27, 2018
Hey Hannah, We are sorry to hear about this! We wish we received an email regarding this issue prior to this review so that we could resolve it for you ASAP and ship out a replacement if there were any issues with your items. We’ve shot you an email regarding this issue and have already contacted the vendor to ship out any replacement that needs to be replaced. Please feel free to email us anytime if you encounter any issues with your box :) is our email and our customer service team is always here to help!
Very useful:)
by Mickey written May 26, 2018
I received the items in the first row, fourth picture from the left (the tea box, two sprays, salts, tote bag, 7 day code to meditation/yoga) and eye cream. I love tea (and trying out new ones), and I finally have a spray for my yoga mat. All the items in the box will come in handy for me. Thank you TheraBox team for your great customer service (in solving my shopping issue) and for making a box with great items!
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by Rosalinda written May 25, 2018
I have subscribed to several boxes from various companies in the past. After 1 or 2 boxes, it ends up being a collection of decorative items/stuff I’ll never use. However, with the Thera Box, I look forward to every single item. Every part of each box is curated to make me feel good. My favorite part is the activity in every crate. I can’t wait for the next one! :)
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Disappointed with Service / Items
by Cassandra written May 24, 2018
I originally purchased a 3 month pre-paid plan as a gift for someone. After purchase but before mailing of the first month's package, I attempted to cancel my order. I received an automated email which stated that, "There are no refunds for multiple month subscription packages. You may cancel a multiple month subscription package at anytime, however the cancellation will only apply after your multiple month subscription has ended." To make the best of the situation, I asked the TheraBox representative who responded to my email if the recipient / mailing address could be updated for the second and third boxes. I was told that was something that could be done; however, only the mailing address was ultimately updated. Because my name did not match that of the original recipient, it was very difficult to get USPS to deliver the second box. This isn't a mailing that I want, and I'm not looking forward to dealing with USPS again. Canceling an order shouldn't be impossible, and yet it is with TheraBox. Cratejoy doesn't let buyers know that cancellation of pre-paid TheraBox subscriptions isn't possible, and I think that this information should be more readily available.
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
May 25, 2018
Hi Cassandra, We appreciate your review and feedback. We try to make the cancelation process as easy as possible, and sincerely try our best to do what makes our customers happy if it is within our limits. If you emailed us to request a cancelation of shipment in advance, we could have assisted with canceling your shipment (our policy is 24 hours after your order, but we try to accommodate cancelations best we can if your box hasn’t been processed for shipment). Unfortunately, you emailed us to cancel your shipment 11 days after your initial order was placed. By then, your box was already processed for shipment. Since it was so close to shipment date, all labels were affixed on the boxes and ready for shipment. There wasn’t a way to locate your box in the midst of all the other boxes getting ready to leave our warehouse. We assisted with changing the mailing address per your request for future boxes. It was not communicated with our team that you wished to change the recipient name, thus we only proceeded with changing the address. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and are sorry to hear about the trouble of getting the boxes from USPS. If our customer service team knew about this issue, we would have gladly assisted you in resolving this matter. Our customer service team is here to assist you any way they can via email, and we encourage customers with questions to visit our FAQ page on our website:<> for general information regarding cancelations/shipping dates and etc. Let us know if you need any further assistance, we can always be reached via email at<> as well! Kindly, TheraBox Support Team - Shop Boxes Instagram - @mytherabox Facebook - Therabox
So many lovely things!
by Valerie written May 18, 2018
My first box (May) was filled with a crazy amount of stuff - and I hate to use the word “stuff” because these are high quality, joy inducing products! And I love that they included a meditation challenge and some directions for using the Little Book of Self Love - it feels like they are some of the “therapy” in the box. This isn’t a beauty products box, but I’m glad they included a beautiful, organic eye gel - applying the gel can be an act of meditation in itself and finding a balance between self-care and beauty-care (vanity) is something I think about a lot. Can’t wIt for future boxes!
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