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4.8 of 5 stars
So soothing
by MARY written Mar 09, 2018
I was absolutely overjoyed with the contents of my first Therabox. I’ve tried lots of boxes over the years but this one felt like a subscription box for my soul. Wonderful!
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Best self care reminder!!
by Stephanie written Mar 09, 2018
Very much looking forward to my next reminder to stop and take care of me!
First box
by Tina written Mar 09, 2018
Received my first box and I loved it. Will use all my products I received and will continue my subscription. :)
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Lovely Self-Care Box
by Christine written Mar 09, 2018
Super cute little box! I love that the products are a variety of different items designed to remind me to take care of myself in ways I might have otherwise forgotten. They also focus on continuing to have these few minutes a day of self care throughout the month, so the products' use isn't just one singular event, but a consistant one. I'm really looking forward to using these products as I wait for the next box to show up at my door!
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Love my TheraBox
by Lisa written Mar 09, 2018
TheraBox - Mindful Ingredients to Happiness is a huge hit at bringing items together that work for me to bring me happiness and Joy!!
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1st Box is a Self-Care Dream!! 🤩🤩
by Annie written Mar 08, 2018
To say I am happy is not enough, I was blown away with the thought that went into the items in the box. It was a total package for a getaway weekend and then some!! I am super thrilled for each coming month, giving them as gifts to besties and spreading the joy in a box! Being this is Woman’s Day, I say Send one to your favorite Woman Today,! Self Love is the Best Love...It all Starts here...Therabix is a great place to start if you are wandering,
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My New Favorite Subscription Box!
by Heather written Mar 05, 2018
I've subscribed to various boxes on and off for a while and I have to say that this is my new favorite! I received the February "Self-Love" Box and every item inside is wonderful. I took my travel mug to a meeting and received tons of compliments on it. The body oil and the perfume are amazing. I'm looking forward to using the foot mask, lip scrub, and the lip gloss as well. I'm looking forward to my next box!
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by Kavitha written Mar 05, 2018
This box is more than just “stuff.” It’s a very thoughtful assortment of items that can be used by anyone. The best part is the activity. Anyone can tell you to do something that will improve your life but this box gives you a pretty template to use.
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Thank you for another month of awesome!
by Alisson written Mar 03, 2018
This month's theme (self-love) was so on point and MUCH needed! I loved the self-care assessment and activity this month. It really provoked me and made me realize how much more self loving and self caring I need to do! Other favorite items were the soy wax crystal infused rose candle. It's chemical free, and definitely a plus! I tried their Korean foot mask peel right when I got the box 2 days ago and my foot is feeling buttery soft after all the dead skin peeled off! It's like MAGIC! My favorite aspect of this subscription box is how it blends physical self care (with beauty, skincare) with mental self care through their thought provoking/relaxing activities. Oh, did I mention the stainless steel mug with the BEST quote/activity on it ever? Like seriously, I am able to de-stress during the work day from the quote and mindfulness instructions on the mug! What a genius idea. Thank you THERABOX!
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Possibly worst sub box I've ever gotten.
by Mary written Mar 02, 2018
This was one of the most underwhelming subs. I got a few postcards that were a "$7 value" telling me "love yourself by loving yourself". A cheaper than cheap metal travel mug (because clearly, who doesn't have enough of those, quite unoriginal, I've been getting them for years in subs... and better made). I got an illegally sold candle (improperly labeled as well as underweight - both labeling law violations)- an overpriced plain rose soy candle, that without the tin, only gave me just over 3 ounces, A barely scented body oil of ho hum coconut oil base and a cheap Chinese knockoff foot mask with the main ingredient being alcohol - a big no no, since it will continue to dry your feet out faster. They also use a "shipping charge" to fluff up the price of the "value" of the box. The actual value of this box, with these items bought from origins would be less than $25, full price, IMO. And that's before you take off the things that are either missing (25% of the candle) or getting a price set on a postcard "checklist" which should and always has been free in other boxes. And this was their intro box?!?!
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box said...
Mar 05, 2018
Hi Mary, We appreciate your feedback and welcome all reviews - both negative an positive and are bummed that you did not enjoy this month's box. We hope to provide some clarification regarding the items you mentioned in the review, resolve any possible misunderstandings. We completely understand that everyone has different preferences regarding products, but we would like to ensure that you have all the proper information regarding the products that are in your house so that you hopefully can feel comfortable in using them. We do include 1 happiness activity each month and it's sometimes in the form of prompts/journals/guides, etc. The postcards you mentioned are actually the happiness activity for the month, which is a self-love starter pack and includes a self-care assessment, self-care wheel, reflection activity, and 30-day self care tracker. There wasn't a quote that said "love yourself by loving yourself", but the general message that we try to convey is that self-care is a huge part of self love! The travel mug is a stainless steel, BPA-free made in USA travel mug that we custom designed. We are bummed you didn't enjoy it, and agree that travel mugs have been in other brand's boxes before however it is the first appearance ever inside our TheraBox, and we always do our best to curate fresh items monthly. The rose crystal infused, chemical free soy candles were packaged in 4oz metal tins, hence the 4oz labels- and each candle was fully filled within the 4oz tins. They are sourced from a local Etsy vendor here in California, and are all hand poured in small batches. The So Posh beauty French Neroli Oil is a body oil, and if it did not have a carrier base oil it would not be safe for the skin - hence the moisturizing coconut oil base along with pure essential oils and the buds of roses included within the bottle. There wasn't any products from China in the box this month, however so the foot mask you mention is not a knock off nor is it from China. We love Korean beauty skincare products (especially masks!) and often source Korean beauty products directly from Korea. Thus, the foot peeling mask you mention is from a reputable and popular brand in Korea, and we've heard great results so far regarding the mask! We understand it may not be for everyone, and each person has their own tastes in products. Finally, we do separate the shipping charge from the value of the box, and it is clearly separated in our brochure. Sometimes, our customers find it helpful to know how much each company charges for shipping when purchased at retail, so we do include that information but it is always separately listed from the actual item value. We hope this clarifies any misunderstandings regarding the items in the box this month and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products. A few of the products mentioned in your review were posted on our spoilers in IG/FB and email list. We do recommend following us on social media for spoilers/updates on boxes since our themes change every month! We're just an email away and are happy to assist you in any way we can! Thanks for giving us a try, and wishing you all the love and happiness this universe can give :) Kindly, TheraBox Support Team
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