TheraBox - Mindful Ingredients to Happiness
Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy!

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Fully satisfied! πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸŒΊ
by Lauren written 7 months ago
I'm am beyond happy with everything in my Therabox! It was surprisingly very full of great items! Completely worth the money spent! The aromas from the ingredients hit me as soon as I opened the box making the experience so much better! 😍😍😍 This will be a monthly treat-my-self every month!
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First box
by Sharon written 7 months ago
I just got my first box. I love everything in it. The items were beautifully packaged and every item i something i will use. So worth it. So glad i joined.
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by Kelly written 7 months ago
I just opened my Box a few minutes ago. I couldn't believe how many items were in the box. I already have the essential oil blend on me. I'm so excited to use the bath bombs and tea scrub tonight! Way beyond my expectations!
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Out of the Park!
by Deborah written 7 months ago
This is my first box and I'm so impressed. I can't wait to try everything. Such a thought combination of products. Heads and trails above my other subscription boxes!
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Great items to boost your happiness
by Taylor written 7 months ago
After receiving my first TheraBox in June, I must say that I've fallen in love. I was drawn in by the approach - self-care items for increasing your happiness (something I definitely need help with), plus I like receiving things in the mail, it's like getting presents! I was delightfully surprised at the level of consideration that goes into picking the items for each box. I've fallen in love with a new facial sunscreen, one that doesn't clog my pores or make me break or or even smell like sunscreen (but still works), which was only possible thanks to TheraBox. The sugar scrub in the June box is AMAZING! I have KP and thought a scrub might be too abrasive but it left my skin feeling so silky and nourished for the entire day - I didn't need to lotion! There was a nice wooden sign with some brush lettering on it that I've hung up in my office to give me a positive thing to look at when I'm there (although the white paint on it has oddly yellowed...might be from the sun, but still a nice sign). My box also included memo notes which are very cute and smile at me on my desk, but they aren't very practical (really small, don't stick well, ballpoint pens don't work great on them) but having them on my desk as a cheerful decoration is fine. I was excited about the 30 day happiness challenge and was happy to find a calendar of the daily challenges and also a reference sheet on cardstock (which I bring with me as a reminder). I received a necklace as a promo for this being my first box, and I'm happy with it. I've used the candle that came with it and I'm not a candle person but this one smells REALLY nice! The lip balm I wasn't crazy about, it's difficult to get out of the container and it doesn't do much for my lips but that wasn't really a disappointment. The great thing about this subscription is the Facebook community that you can join as well. There are frequent giveaways to add goodies to your next box, and it's nice to get to know what other people are interested in or what they do for different kinds of self-care. This is a bit of a pricier subscription box and unfortunately I will need to pause my subscription some months because it's a splurge for me financially, but the items in the box are WELL worth the money for the subscription. I am just personally in a tight spot with finances. Can't put a price on happiness, though, and the items in my box have been helpful with that, so that alone is worth it to me.
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Amazing Self Care Box
by Samantha written 7 months ago
June 2017 was my first box. I absolutely love it. The items in the box promote happiness and relaxation. I also enjoy that I cannot just go to the store and buy them.
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Good For the Soul!!
by Phenoris written 7 months ago
I love this subscription box! Helps me remember to take care of myself and what's really important in life.
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Happiness At Your Door!
by erin written 7 months ago
Love it, thoughtful self care items that just bring smile to my face. The items serve as little reminders and tools that happiness is a habit, a choice made each day.
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by Kim written 7 months ago
I love getting my box every month!! It is full of items to make you smile and feel good. The happiness challenge that came along with the last box has been amazing!! Highly recommend this ❀️
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by Denae written 7 months ago
Cute stuff but some of it is too silly or pointless. I get it at my office and we all enjoy seeing whats there and everyone takes what they like. We look forward to it each month!
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