TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box
Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy!

$34.99+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.8 of 5 stars
by Lindsay written Mar 14, 2018
TheraBox is absolutely amazing! I look forward to my box every month and I am never disappointed. I typically love all the products that come in the box and love that the ingredients are great quality. I highly recommend TheraBox!
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by Emma written Mar 13, 2018
I loved my first box! It's the perfect assortment of relaxing items, practical items, and beauty items. I am so excited to use everything.
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by kaitlin written Mar 13, 2018
Therabox is incredible! Always a great selection of items that are so calming! Would recommend to everyone!
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by Katie written Mar 13, 2018
I received my first Therabox & overall pretty happy with the selection of products! Some of the products were really fun and unique and a few others were a bit of an afterthought. I didn’t think anything of the drink thermos as it appeared somewhat cheap with little value, and if you’re going to include something like that, at least include some fun tea or beverage of some sort to make using it. I also thought the self care activity could've been a bit more value forward as well. I was hoping the box was actually going to be a bit bigger with more products given this is more of a pricier subscription service, but all in all the other products included seemed to be good quality and things I'll actually use. I hope the future boxes will be even better as I love the concept for this subscription! It’s a fun treat for yourself geared to de-stressing all of the day to day chaos from life!
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Perfect for Self-love!
by Tin written Mar 13, 2018
I got the March box as my first box and I love everything in it, especially the mug and the happy feet mask. This box makes me give time to love myself and to relax. I can't wait for my future boxes!
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A Wonderful Gift!!!
by Anissa written Mar 13, 2018
The thought put into choosing each item to be a part of this box is clearly evident from the moment you unwrap the tissue paper! Such a treat! Definitely looking forward to the next one!
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by Zoe written Mar 13, 2018
Loved my last therabox and have been burning the rose candle every night. Wish packaging was less waste and that I didn't receive a notebook that I won't use each time. Other than that, perfection!
by PATTY written Mar 13, 2018
Received the February box as my first box and I am in love with everything. I took a sneak peek at whats coming in March and I can't even wait. This is the best subscription box that I have purchased.
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by Sheri written Mar 13, 2018
I received my first box in March and loved the Happy Feet mask and spray but wasn't a fan of the candle as the wick was way off center and so I didn't get much enjoyment from it. Overall though, I'm happy and looking forward to the next box.
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I love it
by Katy written Mar 13, 2018
I received my first box and I love it. Treats I would normally not buy myself on my own and I love them.
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