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Really disappointed
by JenniferLey written 4 months ago
Such great ideas but joy is not about lots of STUFF which is what this ended up feeling like. A necklace for a teenager, a cat mug that wasn't printed correctly "beautifu" not being a word, and customer service people who sound a little arch for all the "intention setting" they're espousing. FYI, if you're giving someone a sage bundle and an abalone shell, the shell is supposed to be big enough to put the smoking sage bundle in ... it's a safety/ash/flame thing ladies.
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TheraBox - Mindful Ingredients to Happiness said...
4 months ago
Hello Jennifer, we are bummed you are disappointed with your box! Regarding the cat mug in which the L was cut off from the printing- we did offer to ship you a new mug for free as well as apply a 10% off discount to your box which was already refunded back to your account. Misprinting can happen when we are printing in large batches, but we always rectify any damages/replacements in these instances. Unfortunately you stated you would not like a free replacement mug with the correct printing and felt our 10% discount off your box was not enough and that was truly the best we could do to rectify your mug situation. As it is a subscription box, unfortunately our boxes are going to be filled with stuff. Most of our "stuff" have made our customers very happy, but we understand that it may not be the case for everyone so we are bummed you did not enjoy your "balance" necklace this month. Regarding the sage kit, it was a mini California sage bundle 4x1 inches thick, which definitely fitted into our mini abalone shell. You're right that the sage and abalone shell is smaller than the traditional size and that was simply because the sage was a mini size and the regular size wouldn't have fit in our boxes being that our box this month was filled to the brim with "stuff" which we know wasn't to your liking. We almost couldn't fit these mini sage kits in because there were truly a lot of items in this month's box! As much as we'd love to be able to sell joy in its' purest form, the best we can do as a subscription box is to sell stuff that invokes joy and relaxation while incorporating happiness boosting exercises each month. We are thankful you tried us out and appreciate your time in leaving us this review. Kindly, TheraBox Support Team
by Meghan written 4 months ago
Super excited for all the wonderful items coming in my next box! I can't wait!!
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Is it time for the next one yet?
by Mara written 4 months ago
I was receiving another (slightly similar) subscription box when I came across TheraBox. I decided to give it a shot and needless to say, I have canceled my other one. TheraBox is amazing! Everything that comes in it is thoughtful and intentional. It has something in it for everyone- from ways to stay motivated to calming scents to jewelry. I was amazed at all of the stuff that came in the box. Incredible value! I'm so excited for the next one!
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Second box
by Patricia written 5 months ago
Love, love, love this box!!! Super cute and useful items! Can't wait till next month!!!!!
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by Judith written 5 months ago
My 3rd box and it is the greatest one yet!
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New Obsession!
by Sarah written 5 months ago
This was my first TheraBox & now I'm totally hooked. Each item inside my box was amazing- it was like somebody made this box JUST for me! I can't afford counseling for my anxiety at the moment, & this box contained so many things to help me through my hard days. I can't wait for the next one!
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Can't wait
by Linda written 5 months ago
I received my box today, and when I opened it, the scents were heavenly. All about daily intentions, which I need to practice. Can't wait to get started!
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by Kelly written 5 months ago
This is my favorite box so far. It just keeps getting better every month!
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Absolutely amazing
by Brittany written 5 months ago
I love this box and look forward to it every month. It comes with so many products and I've loved every theme so far.
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Awesome collection
by Sarah written 5 months ago
I am so excited by this months box. It is exactly what I need in my life right now. Focus, mindfulness, and directional thought mediation.
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