TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box
Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy!

$34.99+ / month

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4.8 of 5 stars
by Diandra written Jun 16, 2018
I have been subscribed to this box for 3 months, and just subscribed for another 3 months! I am usually nervous about subscription boxes but I actually use 90% of the products I've received! The types of products included are the types of things I want but don't normally treat myself to. This is the ultimate self care box and worth every penny!
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My favorite yet
by Allison written Jun 14, 2018
TheraBox is great, everything in the box is useful. And if it's not exactly ur thing, everything makes awesome gifts as well :) love it
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Best box ever!
by Mary written Jun 14, 2018
I'm a subscription junkie and TheraBox is now my favorite subscription. A perfect blend of fun, relaxation, and happiness. I cannot wait for the June box already!!
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Amazing box & service!
by lillian written Jun 12, 2018
I saw all their outstanding reviews on Facebook and Cratejoy and finally caved in and bought a TheraBox for myself and I am definitely not disappointed! Now I understand the hype around these boxes. You can tell the care and attention the curators put into the box. I got the May box and received a wonderful blend of aromatherapy, organic skincare, and soul lifting items. I'm super stoked about the June box already especially after seeing their spoilers!
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First box
by Molly written Jun 11, 2018
I just got my first box and I am IN LOVE! I immediately used all the things and they're all are amazing!! Looking forward to seeing more!
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Love this box!
by Alisha written Jun 09, 2018
I just received my first Therabox and I couldn’t be happier! The products are amazing and I’m looking forward to next month’s :)
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Just got my Therabox!
by Rita written Jun 07, 2018
Received my first Therabox in the mail today and I AM IN LOVE! Wow this box does not skimp. So many items, and definitely more than the 5-7 items they advertised. I loved the organic bedew mask, face wash, and adorable happiness activity notebook. Super excited to try the rest of the products while I await my next box!
A thoughtful surprise
by Annie written Jun 07, 2018
Just graduated with my MSW and my best friend sent me this sweet surprise as a congratulations. I am in absolute self care heaven! The box is packaged beautifully, and the contents were both practical and relaxing. I believe the box I just received was their newest May box. I decided to sign up for an ongoing subscription myself today and I’m super stoked about my next box of goodies 💗
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Such a nice treat!
by Mariam written Jun 07, 2018
As a busy mom, I rarely have time for me. Therabox is a great monthly reminder to take care of myself and my own wellbeing. As they say, happy mommy = happy family! Therabox has definitely helped make my family a happier place. Committing to Therabox monthly nudges me to use all the self care items they provide before the months up. Each month, I get a range of quality products I would have otherwise never known about. There are a few brands I’ve found through the box that’s become staples in my home. Thank you Therabox for keeping this mama sane!
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Worth it!
by Lucy written May 31, 2018
Received this as a gift and just signed up for my own subscription today! This box brought me so much joy when I opened it, and definitely lives up to its mission! I think I got 9 products this month which is definitely over the 5-7 products that they advertise. I’m very impressed with this company and will be sharing this unique find with my family and friends. Quality box 👌
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