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Soooooo cute
by Keisha written May 08, 2018
I got my first box today. I love every piece! This is one subscription I'll definitely use and keep
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My box was ok
by Brandy written May 08, 2018
I had canceled all my subscriptions before I received them. I just received my box and I was thinking about renewing but then I thought about it and the necklace is really cheap, the bracelet seems to be made for a child, I probably wont use the nail decals but we'll see when my nails are healthy again. The shirt I probably wouldn't have bought for myself and that was the point, trying something new. It got me thinking that maybe once a month or so I will go to the store and buy something I wouldn't normally buy and some accessories since I usually only wear rings. I need to branch out more.
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First box :(
by Danielle written May 07, 2018
I'm incredibly disappointed in what I received in my small box. I've literally seen the same headband I received at the Dollar Tree (I might wear it, but that's not the point) and the brand of the necklace is sold at discount stores. The quality is poor. I planned on reviewing it on instagram, but I'm reconsidering... I'm a little embarrassed to have spent money on this box and it would seem like I was trashing Threads of I were to be truthful and show the items.
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First Box
by Kris written Apr 13, 2018
I was so surprised when my box arrived.....I had forgotten I had ordered it. 😁 when I opened it there was a beautiful kimono and 2 great necklaces. I'm not much of a jewelry person but will be wearing these 2 pieces! This box is Definately worth the price paid....could become my favorite subscription box!!!
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Great items for the price
by Stephanie written Jan 16, 2018
I look forward to my box every month. I've subscribed for nearly a year now and I'm a happy customer. There's been an item or two I wasn't a fan of, but it makes up for the items that I've adored. Many items are regular items in my wardrobe, especially the long necklaces and many of the tops. There's been cute scarves, bracelets, headbands and bangles. A couple jewelry items seem a little cheap and/or broke, but I didn't lose sleep over it. All the clothing items have been durable and great. The best part: I get to keep everything in it. Doubtful you're going to find something where you get 4-5 items for this price.
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Great Gift
by Christina written Nov 23, 2017
Received as a gift and loved the jewelry. They were the perfect style for me (23 years old). I'm planning on getting myself a subscription for christmas.
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by Katie written Nov 08, 2017
what a waste of money. The shirt they sent was summer weight and 3X too large. The jewelry was cheap. Please do not spend your money on this box!
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Threads Monthly said...
Nov 08, 2017
Hey, Katie! We sincerely apologize you did not enjoy your Threads box! We work very hard to bring you fashionably season appropriate tops. In our November box we brought to our subscribers a beautiful flowy top that can be easily layered during fall, I do apologize this was interpreted as a summer top. Also, every month we work with individual jewelry makers to bring you at least one piece of beautifully handcrafted jewelry. We do appreciate your thoughts and we will continue to make our box better and better!
I wish Waste of money
by Faith written Oct 08, 2017
I wish I could get a refund, I don’t suggest it to anyone. Even the little cards that they put in there to say the suggested value price is not Right nor does it even add up to what you’ve paid for it.
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My teen is very happy with this box
by Michelle written Sep 04, 2017
My daughter has been obsessed with subscription boxes for several months and has wanted so badly to subscribe to one of the fashion ones, but their cost has not been within her budget. Most run at least $50/month. She found Threads Monthly, and has been pleased so far. She is 17, and being able to get a fashion surprise in the mail every month has been very exciting. Some have said the clothing runs on the small size, but her medium sizes fit her fine. The shirts and accessories have been youthful and exciting, and although there have been a couple things in the 5 months that were not quite her taste, she has been pleased with almost everything. And has worn all the shirts to school already. The shirt she received yesterday was adorable on her. Lacey and feminine. This box is not for women looking to buy designer clothing/accessories at a cheap price. But it is a delightful and affordable option for teens and young women who want to add some extras to their wardrobe. Thank you Threads Monthly!
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Not for me
by Katie written Jun 19, 2017
I am frugal , but not cheap. This box held cheap things, none of which appealed to me.
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