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Three Brews Tea

Three healthy teas delivered to your door for energy, health, and relaxation.

Plans as low as $28.00 / month
Product Overview
  • We ship on the 4th of each month. Orders placed by the last day of the month will ship by the 4th of the next month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Three Teas with a Purpose
A subscription box that gives you three different teas specially crafted to either jumpstart your day and give you energy, promote health and wellness, or to aid relaxation and sleep in the evening. Each box contains three quality loose leaf teas, information about each blend, and brewing instructions. You'll be surprised with new teas each month!
  • Tea for energy
  • Tea for health
  • Tea for relaxation
  • Brewing instructions
  • Tea infuser with first box

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Outside the box Gift idea!

by Edward C., Feb 26, 2019

I recently received this tea as a gift from my wife. We have a lot going on around our Farm and had trouble sleeping through the night. The aroma from "Lovely Nights Tea" alone was soothing and relaxing. I have to say, I started sleeping through the night again. Furthermore, I felt rested when I woke up. This product is well thought out and delivers what it promises. My wife and I look forward to Tea time every night.

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by Sherri S., Feb 14, 2019

These teas are absolutely amazing! I will never be able to go back to using tea bags for my tea enjoyment. Better yet, they are delivered right to my door!
The Lovely Night is so soothing just before turning in at night. Love, Love, Love!

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3 for 3!

by Rob L., Feb 01, 2019

I got my first box of 3 brews tea and all 3 brews were amazing. This is my first time diving into loose leaf tea and the blends all exceeded expectations. The energy one had great flavor and zest plus woke me up, the green tea was super smooth, and the sleep tea knocked me out. The free strainer is high quality and made jumping into this seamless. Drinking this tea has become a new part of my daily routine. Thanks Tanner!

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