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Not worth the money

Jun 15, 2018
Melissa W.
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There is NO way the items in my box are equal to $68.00 The heartbeat necklace listed as $29.00 is of gumball machine quality. The metal of the heartbeat symbol is rough and pitted under the plating and there is a line of metal along the edges and inner corners where the metal overflowed in the mold and wasn’t cleaned off.
The “fashion Pen” for $6.99 is extremely cheap and looks like it was bought from a 99 cent store. The notebook is cute and actually lists for a similar price on Amazon. $8.99.
The essential tools generic powder brush is cheaply made with a plastic handle and cheap synthetic bristles.
The single face mask listed as $9.99 for the Tony Moly brand is actually a “The Face Shope” brand andavocado masque and is available on Amazon for $5.78 with free shipping.
There was also an oil of Olay Tone Perfecting cream moisture sample packet at 0.6g and a 1ml Eau De Toilette sample of L’Eau D’issey spray, neither of which were listed, but are free sampłes.
I’ve gotten much better quality items from my Ipsy box for A LOT less money.
If you pay $25, one would expect to receive better quality samples.

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