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Feel A little bit ripped off
by Garth written Sep 18, 2018
I love the idea behind the snack box as well as the descriptions that come with the box. However for the last couple of months it has felt like my items where half hazzardly thrown together. As far as value goes I do not feel as though I am getting my moneys worth. The contents feels allot like me going into a dollar store grabbing 8 to 10 dollars worth of items and shipping it out. Some of the items from around the world are even made in the USA. Anyway it was a fun idea and the pamphlets explaining why they chose the items where very informative.
Phenomenal Service!
by Kelsey written Aug 30, 2018
I purchased this as a gift for my friend and it was shipped incredibly fast and she received it in one day! She sent me a bunch of pictures and while the selection looked wonderful, I was most impressed with the fact my personal message was hand written in a card on my behalf. I will be purchasing again for sure! Thank you so much for helping me extend a care package to my long distance bestie when I couldn't be there for her in person.
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Still Loving It!!
by Margaret written Jun 28, 2018
We have just received the third box, and are still LOVING this subscription!! The info sheet that they give you with the snacks is always so interesting. The snacks so far have been really good - not all of us like everything, but we all like something from each box - so none of it is wasted for sure!! We are definitely continuing this subscription and I can't wait for next month.
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by Rhea written May 26, 2018
EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED BY THE COMPANY! I placed an order on the 5th of May, 2018 excited for the Italy themed box and it also showed up on my receipt acknowledgment that the product is the Italy box. While it says shipping is between 24 hours, it took them over a week (May 12th) to send out the parcel and we received it on 26th of May. The worst part is that we never received the Italy box (which I was so excited about) but instead some box on United Kingdom and it was so boring and average that the word "disappointed" falls short of it. Please be warned that you do not get what they advertise and its a click bait. I am extremely sorry that I ever spent any money on this company. NEVER AGAIN.
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TopMunch said...
May 28, 2018
Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern. I am sorry that you got an impression that we are selling an Italy box. To clarify a bit, the posting does not say that we are selling Italy box (in fact we send a new country box each month). Also, about the 24 hour shipping, this policy is only for United States customers, our international shipments are sent out weekly as mentioned in our FAQs on The shipment to your destination in India reached on time as expected. You can look up more information on our website Please let us know how better we can serve you. It is quite heart breaking to see such emails as we are humans as well after all :(.
Loved it!!
by Margaret written Apr 30, 2018
We got the box on Friday and spent the evening listening to the music selections recommended while snacking! The samples were big enough to share among the three of us (although I did bring the truffles to work so I won't have to share those, lol)
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Great box! Really lasts!
by Rebecca written Apr 17, 2018
Really enjoying my first box. I appreciate that the snack items aren't tiny and will last well throughout the month. Also, their communication seems great. I had many questions before I subscribed and all of them were answered quickly and clearly. I especially like that you have the option to skip a month from time to time.
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Fun but limited.
by Eden written Mar 07, 2018
The selection was nice, but could be improved by incorporating distinct snacks, desserts, and components for dishes that are unlike American food. Italy box was great, the next one fell a little short. Still a fan though!
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So cool!
by johanna written Dec 11, 2017
We love this box! Excellent communications from the team, awesome products, so exciting to open up! Will definitely get again and again.
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pleasantly pleased
by janice written Nov 25, 2017
I enjoyed the snacks but enjoyed the informational pamphlet and music download even more. almost booked a flight to India based on the travel tips. Looking forward to next months box
The perfect gift
by Jen written Jul 04, 2017
My brother turned 30 this year so we wanted to get him something special; a gift that would keep on giving. And from all reports, TopMunch is killing it. Everything in the box is thoughtfully and carefully curated, and, as a bonus, pretty delicious. Not only that, Karthik and the TopMunch customer service team are available with a quick and, again, thoughtful response. My brother is happy with his gift (so is his wife, who also gets some snacks), I'm happy with my purchase and I'm happy to support this company.
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