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4.8 of 5 stars
Loved it!!
by Margaret written Apr 30, 2018
We got the box on Friday and spent the evening listening to the music selections recommended while snacking! The samples were big enough to share among the three of us (although I did bring the truffles to work so I won't have to share those, lol)
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Great box! Really lasts!
by Rebecca written Apr 17, 2018
Really enjoying my first box. I appreciate that the snack items aren't tiny and will last well throughout the month. Also, their communication seems great. I had many questions before I subscribed and all of them were answered quickly and clearly. I especially like that you have the option to skip a month from time to time.
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Fun but limited.
by Eden written Mar 07, 2018
The selection was nice, but could be improved by incorporating distinct snacks, desserts, and components for dishes that are unlike American food. Italy box was great, the next one fell a little short. Still a fan though!
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So cool!
by johanna written Dec 11, 2017
We love this box! Excellent communications from the team, awesome products, so exciting to open up! Will definitely get again and again.
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pleasantly pleased
by janice written Nov 26, 2017
I enjoyed the snacks but enjoyed the informational pamphlet and music download even more. almost booked a flight to India based on the travel tips. Looking forward to next months box
The perfect gift
by Jen written Jul 05, 2017
My brother turned 30 this year so we wanted to get him something special; a gift that would keep on giving. And from all reports, TopMunch is killing it. Everything in the box is thoughtfully and carefully curated, and, as a bonus, pretty delicious. Not only that, Karthik and the TopMunch customer service team are available with a quick and, again, thoughtful response. My brother is happy with his gift (so is his wife, who also gets some snacks), I'm happy with my purchase and I'm happy to support this company.
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Didn't take long to receive
by Amanda written May 23, 2017
Snacks were very creative and I love it's a different country every month and not just candies. I Highly recommend this box. It's big enough to share with the whole family.
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Loved it
by April written May 12, 2017
This is one box I absolutely love. When you really can't afford to travel the world why not bring the world to you. Thanks top munch!
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Best Surprise Aweome Concept
by Jim written Apr 25, 2017
I saw an article in a newsletter from my local BMW dealer that featured cratejoy. I looked at all of this and decided on TopMunch. This program surprised the whole family yesterday and it was from Italy. We were surprised at how much was in the box. I will continue with this for months to come. Thank You.
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Way better than expected
by Teddy written Apr 01, 2017
Upon receiving my first box, I was curious what's inside. I was not expecting I will like everything inside. However, all the snacks taste really good. I have never tasted some of the snacks before, it is hard to describe the unique taste. I like it! The snacks fit my taste right, the sweets are not too sweet!
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