A personalised grooming and skincare subscription for men.

£19.00+ GBP / 2 months

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Unbelievable value and amazing products
by Laura written 16 days ago
I purchased a Toppbox monthly gift subscription for my partner for Christmas 2017. I can honestly say it is one of the best gifts I have purchased for someone, and he is completely thrilled when it arrives each month! Each box is well presented and well packaged, with timely delivery by Hermes. The product selection each month is fantastic, and both myself and my partner cannot believe the wide range of products and also the size of them. It's extremely good value for money and he has already discovered several products he loves and will continue to buy away from the subscription- and he's only onto his second box! You get a card in each box explaining what each product is, what it is for, how much it would have cost to buy individually and where you can get it from. I'd also like to give a shoutout to the Toppbox Team, who were very informative when I raised queries before my purchase via their Instagram. Seriously guys, check them out!!
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Finally something perfect for men!!
by James written 2 months ago
I’ve tried a few subscription boxes, but they’re mainly focused on women...despite their unisex claims. When my first Top Box arrived I was delighted. It was well curated, the selection of beauty treats were interesting and the portions generous. I particularly like the chocolate food exfoliating rub...worked a treat. They also have a little card that explains what everything is and how much they cost. If I had to find a critique I’d suggest the perfume sample would work better as a spray instead of an open lid, but I’m just nitpicking - it’s great and I would totally recommend subscribing!!
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Products you actually want & Need
by Madhu written 2 months ago
I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. He said the products seemed luxury & he enjoyed having a card detailing the value & names of everything in the box. He received a foot scrub, facewash, shampoo, cologne, and a few other body things that had nice packaging. It's a great gift for the guy who refuses to spend money on those sorts of things but will definitely use them. The ONLY improvement he mentioned is that the box wasn't packaged in the tissue paper, so maybe present it more as a gift next time? I also asked for a gift message to be included which was left out--but Toppbox's excellent customer service apologized.
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Absolutely phenomenal
by Olivia written 3 months ago
I decided to buy a monthly subscription to this for my boyfriend as he was always jealous of my Birchbox when it arrived. He enjoys pampering, male grooming, and looking good, so this seemed perfect. I really can't praise this box highly enough. The items included are always incredible quality, there is a good mix of new brands we'd never heard of and well-established companies, and there is always a nice selection. I like getting a subscription box to both discover new products and companies, but also to receive samples of things I already like. This box definitely does that for my boyfriend. It is totally well-priced for what you receive, sometimes when my Birchbox arrives I'm a bit dubious about whether or not it's really worth it. If you're a guy who likes male grooming, or a woman who wants to get their male partner/friend/family member something like this, I honestly don't think you could do much better than this for a male subscription box.
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