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Treats- Discovering the World Through Food
Treats is a subscription box for delicious snacks that you've never seen before.... from other countries! Subscribe today to experience new cultures through the best way we know how: food.
  • Plans start from $13.95 a month and includes the Standard or the Premium Plan
  • Standard Plan: 5+ international snacks
  • Premium Plan: 10+ international snacks
  • New country theme every month!

Subscriber Reviews

by sabishiihana1, Jul 28, 2018

We ordered this for the kids to be more cultured since they are so picky. 3/10 packages were spicy. One had no label of being spicy. Same package was stale. There were no expiration dates on anything. The cookies were a hit. The rest of the packages were mainly starches and it was hit or miss. It wasn't a bad box per say, it was an experience, but due to the staleness of the food, I'm not sure if I'll order this again due to the price.

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Gift for a Friend!

by DENISE, Jul 25, 2018

I bought this as a one off trail for a friend who is well travelled and loves trying new foods! The box we got was from Pakistan! There were loads of items in the box (if i recall they said 8?) There were 2 items on the list that were NOT in the box and she said 3 of the packets (1 x cookies) and 2 x snacks/chips were all stale. She's been to Pakistan so got a kick out of some of the items and already knew which ones were going to be really spicy (I tried one pack and no way I could eat them - wickedly spicy but she loved them). So overall I love the concept, love the excitement of getting unknown treats from an unknown location and I love the little cards that she got that told her about the products and a card with interesting information on Pakistan. For that reason I was impressed with the photos and the content but was a little disappointed that 1/3 of what she got were stale and 2 items were missing completely. I'm debating would I order it again and have it as a fun evening where we see what comes. Might try it, have to decide but great concept and guessing its hard to know what is fresh and what's not when you buy in bulk so not letting that spoil the surprise but disappointing when things arent in there at all.

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Giving it one more try

by Michele, Jun 04, 2018

The box was at my door maybe a week after ordering. The amount of stuff in the box was ok, however the first thing I noticed was all the chocolate was completely melted, which I kind of understood. Then I noticed the post card about the country said "Happy Holidays" and was decorated for Christmas. Christmas being 6 months ago, i checked all of the expiration dates and found that all but one treat was expired(11 out of 12 treats). Im hoping that my next box that just shipped will be filled with unexpired goods or this will be my last box with treats.

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