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Giving it one more try
by Michele written Jun 04, 2018
The box was at my door maybe a week after ordering. The amount of stuff in the box was ok, however the first thing I noticed was all the chocolate was completely melted, which I kind of understood. Then I noticed the post card about the country said "Happy Holidays" and was decorated for Christmas. Christmas being 6 months ago, i checked all of the expiration dates and found that all but one treat was expired(11 out of 12 treats). Im hoping that my next box that just shipped will be filled with unexpired goods or this will be my last box with treats.
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by Amanda written May 26, 2018
I got the United kingdom box.The box was left with no dry ice to keep the chocolates cold, so they all melted. The only unique item was Guinness chips. Everything else were things I could get locally with a different name like slat and vinegar chips and fruit snacks. This was my first box and I'm highly disappointed.
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by SusannahAuwerda written May 18, 2018
Love what we get every month! Thanks Keep up the good work!
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Worst customer service ever
by Kenneth written May 08, 2018
Very unresponsive awful
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Love it!
by Brittany'Ann written Apr 25, 2018
It has a good variation of treats and came quickly.
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by Nicole written Apr 05, 2018
I never had problems with shipping or customer service but the snacks were just kinda "meh"... was never anything spectacular and the one country I was really looking forward too(Korea)I was thinking kimchi and spicy chips...and all I got was chocolate that I'd gotten in my JAPANESE subscription box .I unsubscribed after this,and just was really disappointed in general with the snacks
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Terrible shipping terrible taste
by Catherine written Apr 03, 2018
Disgusting food and terrible shipping. Don’t waste the your money.
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never received my box,
by Melanie written Mar 15, 2018
this would of been a great box if I would of even received it! Took them a while to even give me a tracking which doesn't even work! my box says shipped and tracking not even moving. I have a lot of subscription boxes and never does it take this long! really disappointing because this is a box that my children picked out for a good behavior treat and they are so upset! will be getting my money back and buying from another company!
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Birthday gift
by Rebecca written Mar 12, 2018
I ordered this for husband for his birthday. My husbands birthday was yesterday and it came a day late. I’m glad it didn’t come later then that. It took a week and a half to come to my house. The country we got was Russia and we are excited to try the treats. We will order again
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February box Croatia
by Michelle written Mar 01, 2018
Totally enjoyed this box lots of different treats some more enjoyable than others but a delicious way to try sweets from other countries and seeing and tasting what is similar to some of your faves.
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