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Explore the globe right from your kitchen

Try the World's two subscriptions – Snacks and Countries – offer a cosmos of flavor in every box! Open your mind and your palate with a thoughtful curation of cuisines and cultures from around the globe, delivered straight to your door, each month.



Q: Do you ship internationally? (France)Asked by Farah O., October 2020


Q: How do I return an item from my Try the World box?Asked by Madison S., April 2019

Try the World will replace something if it's damaged. Send their customer support team an email with pictures using the Contact Seller button on our listing.

by Lisa B., April 2019


Q: How can I switch my Try the World subscription?Asked by Janet K., April 2019

You can switch from Countries to Snacks (or vice versa) in your account settings.

by Melissa A., April 2019


Q: Where does Try the World ship?Asked by Taylor P., April 2019

They ship Countries and Snacks boxes in Canada and the USA.

by Tara S., April 2019

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8 reviews

Feb 15, 2019
Becky C.
1 Review
5 Helpful Votes

I have subscribed to this box for over 2 years and recently ended it. The boxes changes from being one country specific to a mish-mosh of all different items with no theme. The boxes also continued to get delayed and came later and later. I would not recommend this subscription box to anyone anymore. It's a shame, I used to love it!

Let the Flavors of the World Come to You

Mar 07, 2019
Kevin B.
1 Review

This is a perfect subscription for one who has a taste for travel, but not the bank account to do so! As someone who has done a little traveling it is great to get a chance to experience some foods from places I have been to. However, I have so many more places I wish I can travel to, and experiencing some surprise foods from those places while I save up enough money to go is all my tastebuds could ask for. This seems to be a great subscription idea for anyone with a wide pallet, and love for different cultures!

Just okay

Apr 24, 2019
Sarah S.
1 Review
1 Helpful Vote

I had been looking forward to trying this subscription box for a long time. It took well over a month & was pretty underwhelming when I got it. It was a bunch of random stuff. A hot sauce, a soy sauce, some gravy granules, tea & some orange candies. Nothing that I couldn’t have purchased at a regular grocery store besides the gravy granules.
I wish it were themed by country like it was in the past. There also wasn’t anything in the box that talked about the products.


Apr 17, 2019
Timothy O.
1 Review

I already love to try new things and these boxes take it up a level and let me discover new snacks from my home!


Mar 04, 2019
Jasmine D.
4 Reviews

My sister got a box around Christmas time and the whole family loved it! It told where in the world each item came from. It also has recipes for some of them.

Feb 16, 2019
Marianne J.
1 Review

My family had some fun houres, with mine package with candy.

worth a try

Feb 15, 2019
Naomi D.
1 Review

I enjoyed this subscription and being able to try different foods. At times it felt difficult to use all the food before the next box came, but is worth a try!

Not that special

Mar 29, 2019
Steph M.
2 Reviews

Although there was cool stuff in the few boxes I tried at least 2 items in every box I easily can by at my local supermarket and have had on many occasions. I rather they sent stuff I can’t easily buy.

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