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De-stressing and relaxing items delivered right to your door. YOU DESERVE IT!!!! A monthly themed ritual box for you & your dog-provides * relaxation rituals * self-care goodies * dog toys & treats * dog accessory * rescue stories PLUS $1 Donation per box for monthly featured rescue group GIVE YOURSELF, the gift of reducing stress & relaxation
  • Uplifting Animal Rescue Stories
  • Exclusive online community with member only events & guest speakers
  • Relaxing Self-Care & Stress Relieving Rituals
  • Gourmet Dog Treats, accessories and toys
  • A Lifestyle Surprise for Mom & Pup

Sneak Peek

Photo of Ultimate Dog Mom De-Stressing Box current box Bee-you-tiful in America

Bee-you-tiful in America

Summer has arrived, it's time to enjoy the beauty of nature and our pups and focus on self care rituals each month! July is here and out comes the bees, let's enjoy some quality products produced by these incredible creatures.

Order by July 15th to get this box!

Customer Questions (7)


Q: Hello! Other than how often it ships, what is the difference between the Monthly box with the VIP upgrade and the Quarterly box?Asked by Nicole M., November 2021

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles answered...November 2021

The difference is the VIP upgrade comes with either matching doggy and mommy accessories or a Trendy-Tshirt for you every quarter including the monthly box . 🐾🐾
Just monthly does not come with the matching accessories or T-shirt. Please let me know if you have any other questions🐶


Q: Is the quarterly VIP box filled with extra good stuff than the monthly box?Asked by Riccarda E., May 2021

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles answered...May 2021

Yes, it’s the Ultimate box, plus matching Accessories for the dog mom and pup.


Q: If I would like the December VIP box, do i just go ahead and order the VIP box now? Asked by Brittany M., November 2020

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles answered...November 2020

Yes, now is perfect.


Q: Will you be doing a Christmas themed box? And of so, when would I need to order to specifically get the Christmas box?Asked by Brittany M., November 2020

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles answered...November 2020

It will have a holiday theme. Since New Years is coming up too. You would need to order the VIP box for December by November 30th. To ensure sizing.

Reviews (12)

Exceeded Expectations!

Apr 05, 2021
Verified Purchase
Michelle H.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

I purchased a subscription for my Aunt and her beloved pup for the holidays. They are truly enjoying the high quality items! I recommend this to anyone who has a 4 legged family member, or loves someone who does! Will definitely be purchasing boxes again for friends and family.

February box

Apr 01, 2021
Deb M.
1 Review

The February box was amazing & my furbabies couldn't wait to get the dog toy out! The chocolate toffee for me was "the bomb!"😉❤️

Loved my box

Mar 13, 2021
Gladys Q.
1 Review

I absolutely loved my subscription box! I have several subscriptions but my excitement level was different with one! The puppies loved their treat & our matching mask/ bandana is so cute! I totally recommend this for any dog mom.. great bonding with the dogs!

So fun! Great gift to give yourself!

Dec 30, 2020
Verified Purchase
Jane B.
1 Review
1 Picture
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 year

What a treat for me and my dog! I ordered the Dog Mom VIP box for myself and it was so much fun to receive. The box and packaging is beautiful, so opening it felt like a real treat for me! My dog loved the toy and treats (the stuffed eggnog fit perfectly in his mouth and he has been walking around squeaking it for days). I really enjoyed the bath salts and bath bomb (they were rose scented, which happens to be my favorite scent!). There were matching scarves inside for me and my dog. I never thought about purchasing something like that for myself but I have really enjoyed our matching outfits! So stylish!

Love this box!

Dec 17, 2020
Verified Purchase
Jenn S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

Remi and I love this box! There was high quality goodies for us both! This is by far, our favorite subscription box! We will definitely be repeat customers!

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles said...Dec 17, 2020

So glad you love it...... Thank you for your feedback. And the pictures you sent me....so cute!!!

A+, 5 Stars, Wonderful

Nov 21, 2020
Christine L.
1 Review

Absolutely loved this box! I sent one to my sister and one to my mom! The dogs and the kids loved everything in it. Will be sending another box this month.

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles said...Nov 30, 2020

Awesome..... it’s all about happy dog moms🤗🤗

So cool!

Oct 20, 2020
Carol S.
1 Review
2 Pictures

LOVE this box and service!!!! DogMom LifeStyles has touched on everything important to me as a Dog Mom... quality treats for me and my pup, quality matching wearables for me and my pup and a donation to help animals in need. Bravo!

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles said...Oct 21, 2020

Yay!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. Love that you loved it!!! That’s my goal. 🤗🤗🐾

Dia de los Muertos

Oct 14, 2020
Ada N.
1 Review

We were so excited to receive our box! Dia de los muertos is my fav theme and to see the tote and dog toys that Can use year round, is the best!!!! Then the pups went crazy for the treats and the matching face mask with the bandana were the cherry in top of the cake! Not forgetting the soap and to know we are helping a local rescue by subscribing! Cannt wait for 0ur next !!!!

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles said...Oct 18, 2020

I'm so happy you loved everything. Next month's box you'll love:)

Great subscription box w/ personal touch

Oct 03, 2020
Verified Purchase
Jennifer P.
1 Review
3 Pictures
Subscribed for 1 year

Our Dia de los Muertos October box arrived today and we couldn't be happier! The items selected were unique and certainly nothing I would have sought out on my own; which is meant in the best way possible! Jocelyn adds a personal touch to every box with a handwritten note, which truly makes a world of difference in my opinion. It truly is the little things. ♥️
I received an adorable tote, face mask and some sage clearing blend soap to help clear my aura of negative energy!
The puppers were spoiled with yummy, all-natural sugar skulls and some fall-themed dog toys. Oh, and an adorable bandana to match my mask. 😍
I am so very pleased with this box and can't wait to see what the others have in store.

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles said...Oct 18, 2020

So happy you and you're pups loved the box. The one next will have the dogs mouths watering...... :)


Dec 23, 2020
Verified Purchase
Heather W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

I subscribed for the quarterly and received it last week. As soon as I opened it, I got this awful smell. Turns out it was rose scented everything! Not everyone likes those smells. ☹️ It made everything in the box smell like it. Maybe next time try putting it in a sealed plastic bag or something. Also, I subscribed through the website and there is nowhere that I can login!

Dog-Mom-Lifestyles said...Dec 23, 2020

Hi Heather, I’m so sorry that the rose bath bomb scent got on everything.
Thank you for your input and moving forward we will double wrap all bath bombs.

Photos from reviews of Ultimate Dog Mom De-Stressing Box

Past boxes from Ultimate Dog Mom De-Stressing Box

Time for relaxation before the busy time hits us🐾

Time for relaxation before the busy time hits us🐾

May we be thankful for all we have this month and enjoy some much deserved relaxation to recharge!

“ Day of the dead”

“ Day of the dead”

October's Theme -"DIa del Los Muertos" It’s also our one year anniversary and we will have a special gift inside the October box for everyone to celebrate this joyous time.

You deserve it! Time for relaxation before the busy time hits us!

You deserve it! Time for relaxation before the busy time hits us!

May we be thankful for all we have this month, and enjoy some much deserved relaxation to recharge! Kick up your feet an relax with a stress free lavender spray with a book light, as your pup enjoys yogurt treat, amazing new bandanna and new toy. Sneek Peek below.

Relaxation and pup time as the festivities begin !

Relaxation and pup time as the festivities begin !

It's a time for giving and spending time with family as we go into the bustle of the holidays! Enjoy a little Dog Mom time with your pup!

Stress Relief & Rejuvenate = Fresh New Year

Stress Relief & Rejuvenate = Fresh New Year

The holidays are over and now it’s time to de-stress & rejuvenated and enjoy beautiful cozy days this upcoming month with your pup🐾🐾🤗

Loving yourself the way your pup loves you!!

Loving yourself the way your pup loves you!!

Letting Your Hair down

Letting Your Hair down

Let's nourish the skin & rejuvenate!

Let's nourish the skin & rejuvenate!

A time for peace, and focusing on you during the fresh spring air! April has arrived, fresh flowers have arrived and beautiful sunny days for walks with out furry friend. So let's give out skin a little nourishing from all the dry days of winter that are now behind us! Sneek peek below

Inspiring Greatness  for DOG MOM

Inspiring Greatness for DOG MOM

A time to feel empowered and to do great things. Bring positivity in your life each day. May is here, it's a month of positivity. It's time to embrace your inner soul and find ways to relax, de-stress and manifest beauty inside and out into your daily Routine.

Mermaid Beach Time

Mermaid Beach Time

June brings warm air and sunny days, so let’s head to the beach to explore and relax, enjoying all the summer heat! This month's box is all about summer loving and basing in the sun, from fun mermaid themed items that are perfect for any beach day!

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