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Don't even know what to say.

Apr 11, 2019
Jennifer P.
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Paid for subscription in march. Was told package would be sent out on the 5th of April per shipping policy. Contacted seller on April 8th was told package would be sent out the following is now the 11th and I have yet to see a tracking number of package. At this point is just like my hard earned money back. I understand life happens but if you're running a business where people pay you for a service/ product you need to make good on that. If you're running behind that's fine but let people know they won't be receiving what they paid for when they thought they would. Just not good business practices, I hate leaving bad reviews but I have contacted you twice..yes you responded however you didn't make good on the response I received. I love homemade things and was excited to subscribe but I will be swell elsewhere. I hope you have a great day.

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Una Spirit Bags said...Apr 11, 2019

Hi Jennifer, what I send out is largely handmade. And I care a great deal about detail and quality. I am largely a one woman show☺ Lovingly creating and crafting these items from my little yurt with so much heart and soul❤ I'm sorry I couldn't get these out in time. Crafting each little pouch by hand takes time. This is really a unique box in that I don't generally order a bunch of items and just pack them. There's so much more involved and this can take time. Im sorry you won't be staying with on this journey but I do hope you enjoy the bundle that is heading your way. All packages ship out today and tomorrow as was mentioned in my message...

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