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No order and no response from seller

Sep 12, 2020
Jennifer H.
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Subscribed for 5 months

Had to cancel due to not receiving August order. I've tried contacting the seller 3 times about this with no response. It's all too bad because I really liked this little monthly treat.

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Una Spirit Bags said...Oct 07, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
I apologize for things not running more smoothly and I certainly understand your frustration. I'm glad we got the refund taken care of and I do hope to see you back. With Warmth,


Aug 27, 2019
Jennifer D.
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Subscribed for 30 days

Took forever to get to me. I got three small stones and a small bag. I thought there was a fourth item but I guess I was wrong. Bag is cute.

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Nov 13, 2018
Palmer P.
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Not my style.

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It's okay in my opinion

Nov 11, 2018
Christina N.
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Subscribed for 17 days

Not totally impressed with my first box. Pouch is smaller than I thought it would be but it is really cute. The necklace is not my style, hopefully I can find someone to give it to. The stone was a decent size and the essence oil smells nice. While I'm hardly satisfied with this box, I will give another try because sometimes things like this happen with every box subscription; nothing is going to be 100% all the time on everyone's style and taste.

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.....maybe an “off” month?

Oct 13, 2018
Melissa M.
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Subscribed for 24 days

Maybe this was just a so so month to try this out. The pictures on here didn’t really reflect the quality of what I received. The pouch drawstring doesn’t work well so the contents were kind of crammed in and hard to get out. The little book was cute, the stone was ok, the tea is a small amount and doesn’t seem fresh, and the “pendulum “ is a tree charm on a string. Idk. Not what I was expecting. I WILL give it another try for November and hope it’s better :) The ones in the pictures look fantastic!!

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Una Spirit Bags said...Oct 14, 2018

I'm sorry to hear you were unsatisfied. I wish it were more clear to our new subscribers that all items must fit within the pouch that I craft. So items will be small. The tea is fresh. I purchased it myself at our local herbal/apothecary store and is organic❤ There are 3 servings. Its intended as a ritual tea for dream journey enhancement with mugwort. So think- medicinal:) I was really surprised at your description of the pendulum. The tree of life charm is the portion you hold. Suspended on an amethyst decorated silver chain is a faceted canary quartz. I handmade these as well with a lot of care & attention to detail. As far as the pouch being hard to open, I apologize,...

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