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Unbound Babes

The best sex toys you've ever tried

Plans as low as $65.00 $65.00 / 1 box every 3 months
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Product Overview
  • First box will ship immediately. Users will be billed for the next quarter's box three months from now (on the first of that month) and boxes will go out the same week. Please contact us if you have any concerns about billing or shipping.
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
We make only the highest quality, body-safe products. Our quarterly boxes arrive discreetly at your doorstep. 4+ years of customer data allow us to curate and create the most enjoyable products at a price point that is impossible to pass up. See what the hype is about. What are you waiting for?
  • Each box has 4 to 7 vibrators, dildos, lubes, and other accessories.
  • High quality and body-safe materials
  • Ships immediately
  • A quarterly reminder to have a little fun. Billed and Shipped every 3 months.
  • This quarter's box is for all our wicked witches, from the East to the West. Sex can be absolutely magical, and there are some spellbinding items featured in this box that are guaranteed to inspire your inner vamp.

Subscriber Reviews


by Niki, 2 days ago

I started with the Hex & Sex box, I was really excited. I love collars and had been wanting a wand, so it seemed like it was a great choice for me. Let me start by saying that I LOVE the wand - excellent quality item, will definitely get some use (oh my!) and I was very pleased with it. Now I realize that the wand was the big ticket item of the box, but honestly for what I paid - I would have expected the other items to be of better quality. The Magic 8 ball was cheap plastic and while a really fun and cute novelty idea, just looked tacky. The collar and harness set was almost OK - the collar is comfortable enough but again looks cheap. The body harness is very adjustable, suited for lots of different body types, but meh on the sexiness factor. Then a glow stick and some gel and the box is done. Would rather have traded all that in for one other nice item. I'm going to be cancelling as now that I see the quality of most of the items in person, I don't trust the value is always going to pan out.

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Exceptional Quality & Variety

by Heather, Sep 13, 2018

This box will not disappoint. The subscription cost is relative to the box contents, they are high quality items. From toys to accessories I think you are getting what you pay for. If you can afford the higher cost, defiantly give this box a try. We tried a few different subscriptions, there wasn't an item in the Unbound Subscription Box that would not go unused. These boxes are Themed, products are tailored so one compliments the other. I recieved 3 boxes in total, I purchased the 3 Quarter Subscription. I loved every box.

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best sex toy subscription out there!

by Nina, Jul 26, 2018

I love Unbound!! Not only are their products super high quality and well made, their brand message and copy is fun and makes the whole experience less intimidating, especially when I share them with all my friends!! I would totally recommend this (and already have!)

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