Bibliotheca Holiday Book Box

Bibliotheca Holiday Book Box

by Unboxing the Bizarre
FREE US SHIPPING! Includes a themed book and goodies based on an offbeat holiday for the upcoming month. Choose from YA or Adult and Unisex or Women's.

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Not bizzare or a holiday but good produc

Sep 04, 2020
Dale C.
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I guess I have a different view of bizarre. I thought these would be wierd holidays from the past or very different holidays they celebrate in other countries we wouldn't be used to in North America. It seems they have official days for everything now but these are not holidays. I do not find chess bizarre or that the US has an official day for it wierd.
Having said this the actual content of the box was good quality, nice magnetic chess set, interesting water bottle representing the King or Queen (my daughter loved this) and a book that looks very interesting.
Not exactly bizzare or wierd but good products.

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Unboxing the Bizarre said...Sep 04, 2020

Hello we appreciate the feedback. The bizarre holiday theme is based around holidays that are not in the typical mainstream media. So holidays that we would not think of as holidays - but you are correct everyday there is now a holiday for everything. I am glad you found the products themselves of good quality as we take a lot of time fielding good vendors and looking for quality products. We certainly hope you continue with the box but understand if you were looking for something other than what our themed ideas represent. We thank you for supporting small business and trying us out! Happy Everyday - because EVERY DAY is a Holiday!

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