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Monthly YA book box subscription, complete with novel-ty gifts!

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4.7 of 5 stars
Great Box
by Tonya written Nov 03, 2017
I loved this box. I was very pleased with everything in it. I think I would compare this box to an owlcrate. I loved the book.
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Fun bookish surprise!!
by Jannie written Sep 17, 2017
I've gotten two of these lovely boxes and really enjoy the experience. I love the book choices and items included.
Perfect Box For Book Lovers
by Makayla written Sep 16, 2017
My experience with this box has been nothing but wonderful! Each month I am so excited to see what goodies the Uncut team has curated for their subscribers. Not only do you receive an amazing YA title, but you also get other bookish items related to the theme of the month. The books included in my last two boxes became instant favorites for me! This service is the perfect way to treat the booklovers in your life, or even yourself. This month's theme is Heroes, and I already know it is going to be super!
YA Box
by Lisa written Sep 15, 2017
My favorite thing about this book box is the unique novel selections. Uncut chooses fantastic books that no other book box does. The items in the box are unique to Uncut book box, and the price is cheaper than other subscription boxes.
by Sylvia written Sep 15, 2017
Inexpensive, useful, and completely awesome! I've received 2 boxes so far and I've equally loved them both! The book choices are unique, I dont worry about duplicate books; and the items are useful!
Great Box
by Rebecca written Jun 01, 2017
I just received my first box today and I was so happy with everything in it. As far as subscription boxes go there isn't as much in this one as in others but then again this is a cheaper subscription than most. The book was Windfall which has been on my wish list so I am super happy to get that in my box. Also included was a delicious tea, which I am drinking now, a yummy smelling candle inspired by summer love, the novel of the same name, and a pin with a quote from The Fault in Our Stars. For me getting a book with candle and tea is amazing as is so anything else is just superfluous. I love this subscription and I can't wait to see what they do with next month's box.
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Lovely Box <3
by Tamara written Apr 20, 2017
* First, let's talk about the AWESOME stuff inside the box: 1- I was really blown away by the book and how recently it was!! The April theme box was Fantasy, and they provided Hunted by Meagan Spooner!! I have to admit it was pretty awesome to get a copy that was that recent!! 2- The ITEMS!! *smiles like an idiot*. I'm in love with the Harry Potter Coaster set!!! They are so adorable!! 3- A custom Game of Thrones bookmark!!!!!! Day= Made. 4- Beauty and the Beast Mystery Bag Figure, and I'm so happy that I got one so I can put it with all my Beauty and the Beast collection! 5- I also got an UnCut book box sticker :) * The timing of the shipment: I got mine on April 17th which is pretty fast for me so thumbs up for that!! *My expectations: I was really happy with the box, and above all, they are extremely nice and friendly. I'm seeing a lot of subscription boxes these days where they are somehow becoming a huge deal, but I'm not always happy with their approach. I really felt comfortable with the uncut book box team because they make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. * Things I would like to see in future boxes: I was looking forward to see a letter from the team actually!! As much as I love the items, I think a letter with their logo on it will be kinda awesome. I'm one of those people who like to get letter that's why lol.
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