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A fun box for all ages (YA to adult)

Jul 08, 2019
Nikki S.
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I got the Last Unicorn SE box that was decent and another box only once. A few of the items a found a little "kid-ish" but to be fair I'm in my 30's. As YA box it seems pretty good. The SE box I got was lovely and the only times I didn't personally enjoy I was able to give to a little girl who LOVED them. Items are good quality and I do like that Naomi chooses books that not a lot of other companies choose. Would recommend.

Sister Who Slay

Jan 25, 2019
Rebecca W.
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I liked the sound of the September 2018 'Sister Who Slay' theme but wasn't 100% sure if it was something I'd want and given how expensive shipping is, so I held off ordering. When the unboxings started coming out I honestly wasn't too fussed about it but the longer I looked the more I wanted it and so... I ordered it from the past items shop (honestly this is a big thing for me, I do it a lot!) I'm so happy to have an edition of Seafire, I had thought I might get it in another box in September but I was wrong and I had been kind if disappointed so that definitely played a part in my buying it. There are a few things I wasn't too fussed about, the sticky notes, the LOTR art print, the keychain and the bath bomb, but I really love the bracelets, the candle, the Archeron sisters woodmark and the Lunar Chronicles badges! So like, about half/half.
I love Unicorn Crate, I've had two boxes (both from past items shop) from them now and I think they're high quality and have good content/curation. (you can find my flat-lay unboxing photos on my Bookstagram - @bookie_becca)

Jan 02, 2019
Cara O.
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Subscribed for 2 months

I loved this box! I enjoy the candle and other things with the book. a couple of the items I received were a little young for me, but I'm so a lot of girls would like them. it just depends on your preferences. the book looks great, and I can't wait to start reading it!

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Expensive shipping

Sep 29, 2018
Joanna M.
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The subscription box looks like it would be quite a big hit but unfortunately shipping at $30 for international is a bit expensive so regretfully have to give this a miss!

Jun 15, 2018
Alexandra H.
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I’m disappointed, April 2018 Box was my first. The box came and I was so excited.
It had an extra book! And an awesome keychain! BUT the book came with a rip on the bottom and scuffs and well dents on the hard cover. I understand that this happens sometimes with shipping, but I was really disappointed. And the box was cute for sure, the key chain and extra book is OP but that was pretty much all I can use in this box. But the art was stunning, and shipping was pretty good too.
Still the messed up book for the price of the box was too disappointing to 5 Star.

Edit: 5/1/18- The new book is being re-shipped to me. I got a tracking number from the owner this
Morning. I was going to delete review but figured if you’re reading this you can see that Unicorn Crate can fix their mistakes and make things right. I hope you enjoy their boxes if you try them � happy reading.

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