Monthly Encouragement Box for Christian Women Packed with Inspirational + Self-Care Products

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Box packed full of products!

Aug 22, 2019
Kim K.
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Bottle of lotion leaked. Was looking for more items with inspirational messages or quotes. Too many face products. Would like to receive more stationary, journal, book type items in the UP box.

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Too many repeat items

Apr 28, 2019
Shaun K.
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Subscribed for 2 months

Three months ago I would have given the box 100 stars if I could. After the 3rd month you realize it’s the same products from the same vendors, just different scents or colors to fit the concept or color scheme of the theme. While unboxing it my 4 year old said “Mommy you got that already, see” and brought me something from my bathroom that was the same exact item, just a different scent. Repeatedly it’s the same pigment company, same 4-6 cards, same hair tie company, same lip gloss company..... There are too many existing (amazing) companies and products to keep featuring the same ones. Maybe you’re getting a good deal on these items so you keep going back for more (I don’t know), but you also need to consider if your customer actually likes the product and wants to use it repeatedly for months. Again, great box, but 3-4 months in it’s still pretty but way too repetitive.

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UPBOX said...Apr 29, 2019

Wow, we are ever so sorry to hear that we were not able to make happy- happen for you, as that is always our #1 priority. You should have reached out to us sooner! We will take your suggestions under advisement. We are just a small, faith-based passion project and do the very best we can! We love our partners and take great pride in the work we create together and have been expanding our network as we grow. There are so many factors that we consider very carefully when choosing items and we have been delighted with the direction the box is taking as we evolve. Our cards are the purpose behind the passion that fuels our drive and they are here to stay!...

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