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The Italian Monthly Dinner

by Seligo | Authentic Italian Experience
The Ultimate Authentic Italian Pasta Monthly-Experience to your door!
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December Box

Dec 16, 2019
Beth M.
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3 Items only in box! $25.99???
Noodles and 2 small jars;
Sauce 10.23 oz
Caponata 6.70 oz
Really $25.99 These boxes are supposed to be savings for us!!!
Cancelling don't have time to deal with ones taking advantage of my monies! This is a trusted site...WHY?

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Seligo | Authentic Italian Experience said...Dec 22, 2019

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend more words on the quality and unicity of our products.
First of all, we never claimed in our description that our effort is supposed to save you money. Also, we state that our kits have 3 products.
Said that, please allow me to correct your description of the content of our pasta kit. We include in our kit, pasta made in Italy and not noodles which generally refers to a product typical of the eastern region of Asia. Our pasta is made by an artisan in Sicily and in small batches with ancient grains flour. Ancient grains grow naturally with no need for chemicals, as the dangerous glyphosate.
I would not consider the size of the antipasto and...


Dec 24, 2019
Anthony L.
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Subscribed for 3 months

Ordered on the 18th of November for a birthday gift. The site says order before the 20th to be shipped in 4 days. It wasn't mailed until the 12th of December, I was already billed for December on the 11th and existed it to be delivered before Christmas ( also a gift) I emailed the company asking when it would be mailed and was told it would here by chistmas. I followed up asking for a tracking number. Still no package and due to be billed again on the 11th. I will be cancelling due to customer service and the fact that I have to beg them to send products I've already paid for and have not recieved.

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Seligo | Authentic Italian Experience said...Dec 24, 2019

Anthony, I'm so sorry that's how you feel about the experience with us. There are no excuses for the mistakes we made with your shipment. We are a small team and we received an unexpected number of orders for this holiday time. We worked hard night and day to fulfill all the orders and on a few occasions, we failed on our schedule. Your box has been shipped first thing this morning and the tracking code is in your email. Please accept my apologies.