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Tons of Fun!
by Shoshana written Jun 07, 2018
This is a great gift for any little kid in your life. There is so much laughing and learning to be had with all the activities. The bright colours and graphics are perfect! We loved getting seeds to plan too!
by renee written Apr 29, 2018
We love veggie buds! My son looks forward to their monthly box in the mail. There are games, recipes, crafts, seeds to plant, and more! We love the books that come with it too. He loves watching his veggies grow and eating them!
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Fun way to learn about Veggies!
by Christina written Apr 28, 2018
We received our first box this month and we absolutely love it! There are projects and recipes to have fun with all month. The book that came with the box is great too! We had fun at the grocery store identifying the fruits & veggies that are in the box.
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The Box of My Dreams
by Beth written Apr 28, 2018
We all struggle with getting our toddlers to eat a variety of food. Each month this box brings us a new Veggie to learn about, play and interact with, and new recipes that we can all try together! My three year old has refused to eat any green things for his entire life until we got our first box, the broccoli box! In the first week we tried three different broccoli recipes and he tried all of them. Needless to say, this box is a keeper in our house.
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So much fun!
by Lara written Apr 28, 2018
My son is almost three and LOVES when his Veggie Buds Club box comes in the mail. The quality is amazing, games can be reused and the activities are great for all ages. The book and stuffed toy help us talk about the veggie more in depth and really the whole family enjoys going through the box together!
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If my son will eat veggies so will yours
by Laurel written Apr 25, 2018
My son has sensory processing disorder. Food is a big trigger for him, it has to be the right temperature, texture, color, and shape! Not only does my son look forward to seeing the iconic veggie box arrive in the mail, but he will play imaginative role play with 'veggie boxes' being delivered and feeding his stuffed animals the veggie of the month. Teaching my kids about veggies has helped them overcome this obstacle of scary looking veggies. The Veggie Buds Club has also given me the tools on how to teach my kids fun and cleaver ways to love veggies. My kids help with making the recipes and planting the seeds in their own garden. I no longer disguise veggies but openly say that yummy food was cauliflower, and you liked it! My kids love the sticker charts that come with each package to track and motivate them to eat that particular veggie. Thank you Veggie Buds Club for enriching our lives with high quality food and experiences that empower us to put healthy food in our bodies!
Love, Love, Love
by Kissa written Feb 01, 2018
My 3 year old and I both love this box. We are both so excited every time we see it in the mailbox. The activities are great and you can tell that so much effort is taken to create something special each month.
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Bananas for Veggie Buds Club!
by Howard written Dec 08, 2017
Our nearly 4 year old twins go bananas for their Veggie Buds Club package every month. Each month is packed with activities and recipes and is the experiential subscription box we were looking for. The kids love discovering the "projects" inside and are excited and motivated to earn stickers in their "veggie passports" for trying new veggies or eating veggie favorites in new ways. We love you, Veggie Buds Club!!
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We love Veggie Club!
by Wyatt written Nov 08, 2017
We really enjoyed our first month of Veggie Buds Club! My three-year-old picky eater is excited to shop for, cook and try vegetables. All of the activities and other items included are cute, well made, and really well thought-out to make an impact with these little eaters. We can’t wait for next month!
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Wonderful bonding time over healthy food
by Lindsay written Nov 03, 2017
There is so much to rave about with Veggie Buds Club. Each month it's a special present that arrives in the mail for my 3.5 year old. Not only does it make vegetables more accessible and exciting, it gives us so many wonderful things to do together: crafts, experiments, fine motor skill exercises, cooking, planting, reading, the list goes on! We love the variety of veggie themed activities, and as a culinary nutritionist I absolutely love the positive reinforcement that veggies are something to get excited about!
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