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Love, Love, Love
by Kissa written 2 months ago
My 3 year old and I both love this box. We are both so excited every time we see it in the mailbox. The activities are great and you can tell that so much effort is taken to create something special each month.
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Bananas for Veggie Buds Club!
by Howard written 4 months ago
Our nearly 4 year old twins go bananas for their Veggie Buds Club package every month. Each month is packed with activities and recipes and is the experiential subscription box we were looking for. The kids love discovering the "projects" inside and are excited and motivated to earn stickers in their "veggie passports" for trying new veggies or eating veggie favorites in new ways. We love you, Veggie Buds Club!!
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We love Veggie Club!
by Wyatt written 5 months ago
We really enjoyed our first month of Veggie Buds Club! My three-year-old picky eater is excited to shop for, cook and try vegetables. All of the activities and other items included are cute, well made, and really well thought-out to make an impact with these little eaters. We can’t wait for next month!
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Wonderful bonding time over healthy food
by Lindsay written 5 months ago
There is so much to rave about with Veggie Buds Club. Each month it's a special present that arrives in the mail for my 3.5 year old. Not only does it make vegetables more accessible and exciting, it gives us so many wonderful things to do together: crafts, experiments, fine motor skill exercises, cooking, planting, reading, the list goes on! We love the variety of veggie themed activities, and as a culinary nutritionist I absolutely love the positive reinforcement that veggies are something to get excited about!
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Get some mail to be excited about!
by Robin written 6 months ago
My kiddo gets so excited when he gets a package in the mail for him. Just opening it up is the first step to learning what the veggie of the month is. What a great way to get kiddos excited about veggies! Crafts, a book, stickers, recipes and tons of goodies all geared towards something that might be new. Maybe peppers, corn, tomatoes or pumpkin, it's helping kids to eat a rainbow and have fun learning about it.
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by Katie written 6 months ago
We love our Veggie Buds Club subscription!!! Not only does my toddler get excited when our package arrives, but so do I! It’s a great way to learn more about veggies, play a new game, and make a fun craft! We love that there are a variety of activities in the box so we can do a different one depending on what seems interesting to my toddler at the time. It’s great that everything you need is included and you can dive in right away. I also love getting the books in our box because you can never have too many books! It gives us new stories and pages to explore every month! I love cooking and the best part about the kit is that it helps get my toddler excited about cooking and veggies too! We always try to make a couple of recipes featuring the months veggie. Getting him involved always makes him more inclined to try something new. We are always excited to see what will be in the next months box!
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Make veggies fun!
by Rebecca written 6 months ago
Do you have a picky eater? Struggle to get your kids to eat or even touch their veggies, especially new veggies? Me! Me! I find when the boys participate in prepping and cooking their willingness to try new foods improves, however I struggle to find new and creative ways to get them involved with vegetables. I'm not exactly ready to hand over a knife for chopping. Veggie Buds Club is a monthly subscription service that sends your kids a kit filled with hands-on activities for learning about and creating positive associations with a new vegetable each month. We finished our first month of activities (corn) and just started going through the October kit (pumpkin). The activities are fun, educational, and my favorite, involve using fine motor skills. We were able to use three of the activities from September's kit as part of our at home occupational therapy work. And the kids are loving the activities too. We have decorated our own emerald popcorn (cooperatively, the boys worked so well together on this), made corn fritters, created a popcorn crown, started growing corn sprouts, and the boys are actually asking for corn with their dinner. With October's box, we have prepped the growing project and toasted pumpkin seeds which both boys tried. One loves them and the other isn't a big fan, but they both tried them which is the biggest win. I like that there are a variety of activities to entertain different personalities and different age groups. There are also additional activities and recipes sent in the email newsletter as well as on their blog which helps to make the fun last all month long. I chose to subscribe for the super club subscription because I wanted the book that comes with it and starting last month, it includes a felt veggie friend that I love. I'm trying to think of something to say that could improve, but I really think this subscription lives up to its mission. Will it magically make your kids love all veggies? Probably not. But I genuinely believe it takes the hesitation out of trying new foods and fosters a growing interest in vegetables.
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Love it!
by Heather written 6 months ago
My 4 year old boy gets so excited to open his Veggie Buds Club box every month. He loves the games, crafts, and books. I love that it focuses on a new healthy veggie each month and gives us quality time together while his little brother naps.
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